Benidorm Fancy Dress Party 2016: Here comes the funniest party in Benidorm!


The Fancy Dress Party will be held on Thursday 17th November 2016 at Calle Gerona, the day after finishing the Benidorm Festivity. Imagination, creativity and crazinest are the protagonists of this traditional festival.


It does not matter who you are, the important thing is dressed you up and have a great time. Although it is a festival that has been held for a quarter century, in recent years it has increased in popularity, being now one of the biggest parties of the year in Benidorm. Pubs and bars in the area are transformed from noon to live a day full of color!


Which of these costumes is your favourite? Maybe you can find yourself in the Benidorm Fancy Dress 2015

Fiestas Benidorm 2015 – Beachcomber – Broadway – Starduts from Mediterracinema on Vimeo.


Accommodation available from 15€/day. Enjoy it!


Camping Armanello

Camping Benidorm


Camping Armanello