Altea, Spain

Famous Church of Altea and his famous square in the old town

What’s Altea like? We’re going to answer you fast, so hold on. Altea (formerly known as the Mediterranean Dome) is a beautiful Mediterranean town in the province of Alicante. It is very close to “BeniYork” (Benidorm) and is another treasure of the route of the best villages of the Costa Blanca of Alicante. It is an example of Mediterranean architecture, and a very entertaining place where we can have a great time on our vacation. Remember to take a look at our campsite bungalows or our Barrel Houses for couples, “wink, wink!”. And now, what to see in Altea:

⚖ City Council Square

It is the best known place in the place, a meeting point from which it will be easy to reach anywhere else. In the town hall square we can find very varied shops and establishments, so having a coffee there is a tradition.

It will allow us to observe closely how is the lifestyle of the neighbors there.

⛰ Sierra de Bernia – Mountain range

The Sierra de Bernia is a natural site with a height of 1129 meters. This massif is basically formed by limestone rock dating from the oligocene and Cretaceous era.

It is not necessary to say that it is one of the most impressive places to see in Altea: its incredible cliffs, its idyllic views and its varied natural spaces make this place a very important point that we cannot miss.

One of the best things you can do in Alicante is a hiking trail through any of its mountains.

Its approximate length is about 9km, and it extends from the Algar River, passing through the Mascarat ravine until reaching the Sierra del Ferrer.

view of Altea from El Forat in Sierra Bernia

view of Altea from El Forat in Sierra Bernia

“El Forat” means “the hole”. From this position we can see from left to right Sierra Helada, the Island and the skyscrapers of Benidorm.

🏠 Altea la Vella (“the Old Original Town”)

Altea la Vella is a hamlet of Altea, a place away from the main city that can be a haven of peace for all those who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. According to the data of the INE of 2012, it has only 583 inhabitants.

It is located at a distance of 3.5 km in a northerly direction from the urban center of Altea and only 3km from the Sierra Bernia.

If possible, it is worth visiting the city during the fiestas of Cristo de la Salud (facing February), or at the Santa Bárbara festivities (held on December 4).

It is another place to fill the list of What to see in Altea.

🐚 Altea Bay, a treasure of Alicante

The third point of interest in this list is Altea Bay, a small bay that is located on the Mediterranean coast. It is considered a key entry point between the municipalities of Altea and Alfaz del Pi.

There are many tourists who decide to rent a holiday home to have a great time, or directly acquire it to repeat as many times as they want.

The bay of Altea extends to the Algar river (covering a distance of 12.2km).

As a curiosity, near the coast of the Bay there are two islets with some tourist importance: La Olla and La Pila.

Altea bay, near the port

🏖 Promenade

The promenade of Altea is a very quiet place to walk near the sea and enjoy the most beautiful views of the city. From here you can see all the flavor of the Costa Blanca (both in the environment, and through the innumerable restaurants located at the foot of the coast).

You don’t really enjoy Altea if you don’t visit the promenade when the sun goes down: tourists say it is the most magical moment of the day.

view from panoramic point view near the church

💒 Old Town, Historical Centre

The old town is formed by a succession of whitewashed houses, narrow streets and cobbled streets, doors, windows and squares that will make us travel in time to a quieter, more leisurely time. By the way, whitewashed means that houses are covered with lime to give them that white color and to absorb heat, as in many places in the Mediterranean.

Getting lost in the old town of Altea is a very pleasant experience: it is not about walking or visiting, but simply of getting lost and knowing everything that does not appear in the guides, or that is not so easy to find.

Walking without a fixed plan, without an established direction, makes us disconnect from the busy pace of life we lead.

white streets from Altea's old town


The symbol of the town that crowns the old town of Altea. Although there are vestiges of temple constructions since the 15th century, it is in 1854 when the Chapel of the Holy Christ of Altea is inaugurated. In the photo is the smallest construction with the blue dome. Then it would be used as a “mold” to take the proportions of the Church of Our Lady of Consuelo (“consolation”), which in the photo is the great parish with the blue dome.

In the old town of Altea you have the street that can be seen in the photograph, carrer de San Miguel. Many cobbled alleys to delight your feet. Heeled shoes are not the best option here. Check the shoes you wear if you are going to visit these streets full of craft shops.

Altea's Church

Interior Street View 360º


You can find numerous artistic disciplines and unique objects. We recommend you look for the Mostra d’Artesanía d’Altea, Craft Street Event, which takes place once a year and where you can find the following:

  • local ceramics
  • leather
  • wood
  • imitation jewelry
  • wool toys
  • floral crafts
  • puppets
  • paper and paperboard
  • nautical decoration
  • paintings by local painters

List of Craft Shops in the old town:

  • Abraxas: crafts and collector’s items.
  • Aromes: shop of natural and cosmetic soaps.
  • Luzía Workshop: steel and tissue paper to create unique objects.
  • 8m2: objects designed in silver and other materials.
  • Boutique la Eugenia: different jewelry.


Point several streets to get lost:

  • San Miguel Street
  • Main Street
  • Carrer de Jesus


You can find numerous restaurants in this area:

  • The Pirate Xef
  • Stromboli
  • Oustau restaurant in Altea
  • L’Airet d’Altea

🎆 L’Olla fireworks – August

The fireworks of L’Olla de Altea is one of the most anticipated events of the whole year? but we will have to wait for August to enjoy them.

It is a tradition that has been repeated for more than 30 years. We will find an incredible fireworks castle that, as many have described, is the most spectacular of any other part of the Mediterranean.

view of Altea during the Fireworks Playa de L'Olla Altea in August

🎭 Moors and Christians

Many parties are celebrated throughout the year, but those of Moors and Christians are the most popular without any doubt. One of the most colorful parties to see in Altea. In them we can enjoy the legendary parades of Moors and Christians, activities such varieties as mascletaes and barracks. In addition, religious celebrations such as the “Offering of Flowers in Honor of the Virgin of Consuelo”, “La entrà de la Murta”, processions, etc.

The most important days on which the Moors and Christians are celebrated in Altea go from September 20 to 24 in 2019.

🏝 La Roda Beach

If you wonder what to see in Altea in summer, do not hesitate to visit its incredible beaches. However, you should know that the vast majority are of stones. This means that the sandy beaches to which we are accustomed are not as comfortable. As advice, you can go with a hammock or chair for the beach and forget about any discomfort.

The great advantage of these beaches is that they are not as crowded as those of other places. La Roda beach is one of the best known.

view of the Playa de la Roda in Altea


  • The breakwater
  • Cap Negret Beach
  • La de la Roda
  • Solsida Beach
  • Mascarat
  • Pot
  • La Barreta de Gualda, near the Campomanes marina.


These beaches and small coves are attached and belong to the town of Alfaz del Pi:

  • Albir Beach
  • Cap Blanch
  • Metge Creek
Panoramic photo from Albir Beach, near Altea

Panoramic photo from Albir Beach, near Altea


In this port you will find boats of all nationalities, not only from Spain. If you want to eat the best fish and rice, enjoy the Altea Yacht Club Restaurant.

photo of the port of Altea with boats

🕍 Visit to the Orthodox Church

You can also take advantage of your visit to Altea to know the Orthodox Church. The “Russian” church has been practically made of wood, with golden-colored domes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The only problem it presents is access: and there is no pedestrian path. With this we want to tell you that if you want to get there you will have to go by car.

ver en Altea la Iglesia Ortodoxa

PD: We leave you this Extra Tip …

🍹 El Jardin de los Sentidos – The Senses Garden

In a slightly secluded place, you will find this peculiar and different place. Spend a pleasant time drinking something, disconnecting from the world. You deserve after a hard walk through Altea a relaxing time.

Jardin de los Sentidos, algo imprescindible que ver en Altea


  • How far is Altea from Torrevieja? Distance between Altea and Torrevieja is 122 kilometers driving, more than an hour.
  • How far is Altea from L’Albir? Distance between Altea and L’Albir is about 3 kilómeters, 5 minutes driving.
  • How far is Altea from Benidorm? Distance between Altea and Benidorm is about 10 kilómeters, and you can drive taking the highway (12 minutes) or the N-332, about 20 minutes but very busy at some critical hours.


The best time to travel to Altea in Spain is from May to October, where you have a pleasant climate or warm weather and hardly any rainfall. The average maximum temperature in Altea is 27 ° C in August and 14 ° C in January. The water temperature is between 15 ° C and 27 ° C. The weather and climate of Altea are suitable for a sunny holiday.

Altea there are 2 types of weather, these are semi-arid climate and Mediterranean climate. Average temperature and average rainfall in Altea or periods when more rain or snow falls, then we present all the information. So you can be well prepared! Our monthly climate statistics averages are based on data from the last 10 years.

Climate Altea per month


Well, we’re done. These are the main sites to see. Make a list of all of them so you don’t miss anything important. If you want more information, we recommend

Oh, and above all, make sure you enjoy!