Armanello Experience

Armanello Experience: enjoy Benidorm & surroundings

Banish the topics, put your mind blank, ‘reset’ what is in it … now you are ready to know, really, the experiences that Benidorm offers. With more hours in the sun to the day than you can imagine and a night atmosphere that you can not forget, you will express your vacations to one hundred percent or, if you prefer, to live one of the experiences that we have prepared from Camping Armanello so that your possibilities are Infinite

Benidorm is an open, active city of hospitable people. Perhaps living open to the Mediterranean Sea and wrapped by the Natural Park of Serra Gelada, make it unique. A place that invites to the activity, to the practice of sport, to the well-being, to the care of the body, to the adventure, in the end, to a careful fun and a fun with which to take care of.


“Tell me how you have fun and I’ll tell you who you are.”


— José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) Spanish philosopher and essayist

Enjoy your experience