What is the CampingCard ACSI Card?

ACSI CampingCard is the card which comes with the ACSI Guide (price 16,95€) and which gives its owner advantages in the form of fixed rates and discounts in the low season at 3300 European camp sites inspected by ACSI Europe employees.

CampingCard ACSI

What does ACSI mean?

ACSI stands forAuto Camper Service International”, Auto Camper Service International. It is a Dutch company founded in 1965 by Ed Van Reine and in its beginnings it only had 55 campsites in its guide, far from the 10000 European campsites it inspects nowadays. Of these, approximately 30% accept the ACSI Discount Card.

The campsites are visited every year by an inspector who has been trained in the winter and spring months for this task. There are around 300 ACSI inspectors who check around 200 camp site features to create guides and magazines full of reliable information about motorhome and camping pitches.

How does CampingCard ACSI work?

The ACSI Card or CampingCard ACSI works very simply: you have to take it with you on your trip and show it on arrival at the reception of your campsite in Benidorm. The card offers prices for inspected campsites and with the CC logo during the year of validity and some advantages depending on the campsite. The biggest advantage is the fixed price rates, which are cheaper than the lower rates charged by the participating campsites. Same services, cheaper rates.

Here is an example of how CampingCard ACSI works.

The García family are looking for a campsite near the beaches of Benidorm and have bought the ACSI Camp Site Guide which contained the card inside. They have a motorhome and want to go on a trip to Benidorm over the long weekend in December and make excursions to get to know the Marina Baja area. You look in the guide and see the following campsite that accepts CampingCard ACSI.

You open the guide and see that Camping Armanello is an ACSI campsite in Benidorm and has a number of features:

  • 3 stars
  • Plots between 60 and 100m2
  • 10 to 16 Amps
  • The letters 1 to 6 indicate services and facilities. Consult the guide index
  • Accept CampingCard (CC)
  • It has a price of 17 euros with its dates: from 1/1 to 15/3, from 3/4 to 8/7 and from 10/9 to 31/12 of the year 2018.
  • 7 = 6 , every 7 days of stay you pay only 6

The Garcias decide to go to the campsite, present the card and it appears on their bill:

  • Stay of 3 days
  • Pitch price for 2 persons, at 17 euros per day: 51€.
  • Electricity, read on entry and exit:
    • 4kw included per day, 12kw in total included in the 3 days
    • have consumed 14kw in total in 3 days
    • they have to pay 2kw, at 39 cents per kw, 0.78 euros.
  • Free Dog
  • Total: 51.78€.



Only if a campsite is advertised in the guide or www.campingcard.es you will be entitled to discount and always in the periods stipulated by the campsite.

Campsite accepting ACSI CampingCard

ACSI Camp Site, which camp sites can be ACSI Camp Sites?

Years ago the number of ACSI campsites was limited. If a campsite wanted to be Camping ACSI, it had to request the inspection and that there was no other campsite inspected nearby.

With the passage of time, this did not make sense since there were many campsites with sufficient quality to be Camping ACSI nearby, so the restriction of proximity was eliminated.

Although 200 points are reviewed, the big blocks in which the campsite must comply with are:

  • Sanitary
  • Staff
  • Quality/price ratio
  • Suitable for children
  • Entertainment
  • Sports facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Eating and drinking
  • Surroundings
  • Size of the plots and their amenities
  • Location of the campsite and its correct coordinates
  • Camping rules
  • Dogs and facilities regulations
  • Details for large caravans and motorhomes

ACSI CampingCard rates

  • Daily price of pitch for 2 persons with car and motorhome: 11 ¤, 13 ¤, 15 ¤, 17 ¤ or 19 ¤.

Where can I buy the CampingCard ACSI Card?

The ACSI Card is obtained by purchasing the ACSI Guide, which you can buy online or at our camp site. The CampingCard, as the card is called, comes in the guidebook itself to be used as a card immediately. You can find the inspected campsites on the Eurocampings website.