We cannot give an answer to this question, but we will try to present our facilities so that you can compare. Not everything is looking for a campsite with pool , There is much more. You may be interested in the facilities and services of the campsite for babies.

When choosing it is important to know the most important points of ours camping in Benidorm and these extras:

Quality Certificates, Inspections, Audits …

Certified quality . The campsite has quality facilities that comply with all current regulations. In addition to complying with the basics, we undergo an annual Quality System, the Q for Tourism Quality. External auditors visit us and inspect the facilities, the reservation system, incident monitoring, etc. We are inspected by European caravan clubs, local and regional administrations in environmental matters, etc. All this voluntarily , because we want to be better for you.

Teleworking: Coworking Space

Whether you are a digital nomad or enjoying your vacation and have a work emergency, enjoy our telecommuting room for your meetings, videoconferences or finishing that project that needs to be delivered.

+30 Years creating a team

Experience . The campsite has maintained the same Management for almost 30 years, in which it has learned from thousands of people and their opinions to have facilities for them.

Naturally modern: always innovate for you

Innovation . We use technology to improve traditional processes and make our clients’ lives more comfortable. From fiber optics to own routers in all our bungalows .

People. Personal treatment is one of our emblems. We are here to help you with everything you need, when you need it.

See a more extensive list of Services, check out our photos or check out our Blog to find out what to do in Benidorm.