Our Social Responsibility

The CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, is the active and voluntary contribution that the company makes to improve its economic, social and environmental environment.

This responsibility goes beyond the laws or regulations, being something that the company itself performs through internal practices and rules of mandatory compliance and monitoring.

From Camping Armanello we believe that it is our moral obligation to contribute as much as possible to a better environment that guarantees sustainability and inclusion in the world of tourism.

Project with UNICEF: children of the Dominican Republic

Fight with us against the commercial sexual exploitation of children

Hoteles Amigos is an initiative of the UNICEF Spanish Committee with the tourism sector for the protection of children, and in particular against the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a very important tourist destination with growth projections for the coming years, where thousands of children suffer violence and abuse in this context. At UNICEF we work to strengthen the environment that protects children and to implement policies that defend them against abuse, discrimination and violence. A protection environment means security.

How to participate in the friends hotels program?

In this responsible tourism movement, all companies in the sector, large and small hotel chains, individual hotels, reservation centers, etc. can participate. And, of course, your customers.

If you are a client of a Hotel Amigo collaborates with the Program of Protection against the commercial sexual exploitation of children by UNICEF contributing 1/3/5 more in your bill.

Universal Accessibility

The Camping Armanello, through the Valencian Federation of Campings and the Valencian Government is part of the signatory members of the Code of Ethics of the World Tourism Organization.

What does this mean?

That all our management takes into account the need for inclusive tourism, adapting our way of working and facilities to universal accessibility. People suffering from temporary disability (pregnancy for example) or people who suffer mobility or vision problems, all have the right to enjoy tourism. That is our commitment and for which we work.

Environmental Quality Policy

The management of our campsite is aware of the importance of providing its customers what they expect from us and the respect and care that the Environment deserves. For this, the campsite has regulated its operation by the requirements of the UNE 184001: 2007 standard to be organized internally following planned and documented work methods, which will be updated whenever the circumstances require it and always directed towards the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system, and complying with the requirements of the client. The objective is customer satisfaction and loyalty over time. All staff is involved, since joining our campsite, to make the client feel comfortable during their stay, taking care that expectations are met, trying to solve their problems and concerns, without forgetting at any time the environmental environment where we are.

In our day to day work is carried out to achieve a correct performance of the works that affect the client, both directly and indirectly, as well as to convey to our employees, customers and suppliers the importance of taking attitudes of respect and protection towards the environment. ambient. The objective is to achieve a continuous improvement in our behavior, a better and greater responsibility in the use of water and energy and an adequate waste management. We promote energy efficiency and provide solutions to our own issues related to the prevention of pollution and conservation of the environment, as well as work to reduce the consumption of natural resources. For this, environmental objectives are established that allow us to reach the criteria established by the EUROPEAN ECOLOGICAL ECO-LABEL.

The Management assumes the responsibility of making this policy known and understood to its staff and clients, whose lines of action are transformed into management objectives and goals, reviewing it to adapt it to their purposes whenever necessary.

Inclusive tourism and hospitality


Signing the World Tourism Code of Ethics and adapting it in a pioneering way to the reality of our Community is a challenge. The challenge of assuming the construction of a new tourism story based on ethics, sustainability and social responsibility.

We are a society and a Mediterranean territory that founds in the culture of hospitality its tourist vocation. The world changes at breakneck speed, but the tourist attitude must arm itself with the universal values ​​and principles that inspire the Code of Ethics.

Moreover, they are values ​​that absolutely inspire the new Law of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality, as well as a differentiating factor of our proposal as a singular tourist destination.

This is a time of transformation and change management. New governance, sector leadership, digital revolution, competitiveness, innovation, professionalization … our agenda is as extensive as it needs ethical criteria.

Assuming the code is not an administrative act without more. It is a change of individual and collective mentality: a huge and exciting operation to renew the tourist economy. This code will make us stronger as a tourist destination and as a receiving society.

Francesc Colomer Sánchez

President of  Valencian  Tourism Board