Benidorm Half marathon: 10k or 21k

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Benidorm half marathon

To step with your running shoes on the asphalt of one of the most important cities in the country; to accumulate kilometers in a unique environment, where the experience begins before the starting gun and ends long after crossing the finish line; enjoy the passion for running with thousands of other colleagues. This is just part of what the half marathon has to offer. Benidorm Half.

A race that grows in popularity every year and has become an unmissable event for lovers of sport, the Costa Blanca and the city of skyscrapers. With surprises, activities related to the world of running for participants and much, much more.

If you are a fan of these long-distance races, the Benidorm race is designed specifically for you. We invite you to get to know it and to discover the 2022 edition and to come back year after year!

What is Benidorm Half

A party around running events. running. This is the most accurate definition that can be given to those who wonder what is the Benidorm 2023 half marathon.

This event, which is part of the national calendar and has the approval of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, goes a step beyond the usual in this type of events. For what purpose? That of creating a unique event in which every runner can feel like a protagonist.

From the technical point of view, the Benidorm Half runs on a street circuit, with the coastal city as a stage, and on asphalt. Taking advantage of the mild weather in the area in the spring months, before summer temperatures reach the coast, this international event is held, usually in March.

Starting at mid-afternoon, around 6.30 p.m., this race is divided into two versions, in order to adapt to the different profiles of runners. On the one hand, there is the half marathon format, with its mandatory 21 kilometers and, on the other hand, a shorter version of only 10 kilometers for those who want to enjoy the event, but do not feel ready for the longer distance.

Surprises and more

One of the things that makes the Benidorm half marathon one of the most anticipated events for many fans of the national marathon circuit is that this race offers much more than accumulating kilometers and kilometers in the shoes.

As has been customary since its inception, along the route runners will live experiences that go beyond any sporting event. And not only at the start and finish, which are spectacular thanks to the sound and light show that is set up.

Along the route, participants will find surprises that will make the route more enjoyable. Especially at the hardest points of the circuit, athletes will find music, performances, animation in different languages… Everything to make the Benidorm Half much more than just sport.

But this is only part of the overall appeal of this running festival : both before the starting gun and after crossing the finish line, runners are stimulated with dozens of things to do.

The city of runners

The Runners Village is a space where, before the race, participants will be able to learn about the latest developments of companies dedicated to footwear and sportswear. The most prestigious brands in the world exhibit, in this place, their designs and improvements to make the running experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

A postmeta with a Levante flavor

At the finish line, in addition to the usual space to relax and recharge your batteries, you will be able to engrave your participation medal with your brand and name. But that’s not all! And after taking off the shoes, an additional race begins: the Tapas Half Marathon.

The best gastronomic establishments in the city prepare dishes specially designed for this day…. And make the most of the hunger you have generated in the race: those who finish the route are also entitled to a prize!

What is the route of this Benidorm Half Marathon?

Both the 10 km and 21 km races start at the same time and run parallel to the sea. The two circuits run through the most popular streets of the city, to enjoy a unique sunset on the Costa Blanca while enjoying their passion.

With small changes each year, the usual is that the start and finish line are in the Town Hall Square of the city, and just after the runners head towards the promenade of the Levante and Poniente beaches.

The furthest point from the center in the 2022 edition is set in the surroundings of the Urbanization La Creu, so all along the route you will find a lot of public ready to encourage each of the runners.

How to register for the Benidorm Half

The web is the registration point where all participants must go to get a bib. The prices vary each edition and also increase by installments from the time the registrations are made until the last day, which is the day the race is held.

However, it is a very affordable competition for all participants, as the bib costs between 23 and 28 euros on average.

The process is simple: just go to the website and look for the registration button for the chosen distance. When you click on it, you will enter a form that will ask you for some information such as name, email, contact telephone number, etc., and will take you to a secure payment gateway to make the reservation.

What you need to run the Benidorm half marathon

Sufficient physical preparation, desire to have fun and sportsmanship. These are the main requirements to participate in the Benidorm Half. After all, it is an official competition, but also a celebration of sport, and what the organizers are looking for is to generate a special and happy atmosphere for all the runners and the public.

In addition to that, it is advisable to wear good sports shoes designed for asphalt routes, as well as comfortable and cool equipment, since the temperature in the city is already warm on the dates of the race.

With all this, you are probably already thinking about signing up for the next edition of the Benidorm half marathon. All runners fond of this kind of long distance races have to try, at least once, this race. And they always repeat.

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