Benidorm seafront promenade: everything it has to offer you

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Benidorm seafront promenade

Of all the famous cities on the Spanish coast, Benidorm is probably the one that is always at the top of the list of users’ favorites. And the fact is that this town on the Valencian coast has everything that tourism could wish for: sun, beach, luxury hotels, endless leisure options? Although, who has not thought of a walk along the promenade of Benidorm while in the office or on a cold winter day?

Who knows the city knows that the Poniente promenade of Benidorm is a nerve center of the city. It is full in summer as well as in autumn and winter. It is a must for anyone who spends their vacations near the city.

The promenade of Benidorm is enough to spend one or several days without stopping to do things and enjoy the views. It is also one of the icons of the coastal city.

Don’t you know what makes Paseo de Poniente famous? We tell you all the secrets of this special enclave in Benidorm.

What makes Benidorm’s promenade unique?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the west promenade of Benidorm is a true work of architectural art. It is the work of architects Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí Galí, both of whom strove to give the city a space that would coexist perfectly with the marine nature and the great Valencian city.

Therefore, the layout imitates the orography of the sea and adapts to the shape of the waves and cliffs. The consequence of this is that, automatically, spaces of light and shade are generated, which become perfect areas for the placement of benches, playgrounds, etc.

Summer colors

Accustomed to promenades with soft colors so as not to influence the view of the sea, the work of Martí and Ferrater has done just the opposite. The architects sought to make nature “break” with the city in this border space that takes center stage.

Poniente beach promenade in benidorm
Paseo de Poniente, aerial view

For this reason, the pavement of the Benidorm promenade undergoes a constant color change based on gradients ranging from green to violet. The palette of colors is so many and so varied that the eye never gets used to this visual spectacle.

For everyone and everything

Beyond aesthetics, the objective of the construction of this promenade was functionality. It was designed as a space full of life to give access both to the sea and to the different areas of interest of the city.

Benidorm seafront promenade, poniente beach

In addition, it was mandatory to consider a comfortable design, for everyone, from the youngest to the elderly, and to provide space for services, access for the disabled, etc.

With all this integrated into a contemporary and unique design, the west promenade of Benidorm manages to become the predominant space of the city, and it serves for everything: meeting point, strolling place, area for contemplation and rest … Everything happens in it.

How to enjoy Benidorm’s seafront promenade

There are many leisure and entertainment options that have the promenade of Benidorm as the main stage.

Walker, here is the way

Walking is the exercise par excellence for those who love to enjoy this space. The western promenade is the best option for those who spend long periods of time in the city or go both in summer and winter and want to move their skeleton in an environment different from any other.

Of course, who says walking means running, practicing yoga or pilates... Precisely, the original idea of the project was to give life to the place, leaving space for all these practices. And you only have to spend a morning there to see how neighbors and visitors appropriate the space for all these activities.

Access to the beach

We cannot forget that one of the main attractions of the city of Benidorm is in its beaches. From the promenade you will have access to the Poniente beach, which is the most perfect beach in the city. With a length of more than 3 kilometers and more than 70 meters wide, it is a relatively quiet area in summer and ideal in winter.

The Gran Hotel Bali and the In Tempo building

The west beach has at its end the highest hotel in Europe, the Gran Hotel Bali. Nearby you will find the tallest residential building in Europe, the In Tempo building. You will discover it by its “M” shape with a large diamond crowning it. These are the 2 tallest buildings in Benidorm.

Gran hotel bali at the end of benidorm's seafront promenade

Gastronomy and nightlife

Around the promenade, dozens of restaurants designed specifically for tourists have grown. Pizzerias, cocktail bars, high-end restaurants... Whatever you are looking for will be on the beachfront and a few meters from the promenade.

Therefore, one of the favorite plans for those who visit Benidorm in autumn is to take a long walk along the Poniente promenade and then choose one of the many restaurants in the area to eat overlooking the promenade and the sea.

These are just some of the plans that can be made in the Poniente promenade of Benidorm, where you can also find water sports companies, shows, stores of all kinds, etc.. It is a place full of life in one of the best coastal cities in the world.

And if you are thinking of coming to visit it, what better way to do it than staying in one of our campsites in Benidorm. Just 12 minutes from Poniente, you can enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience. Do not hesitate and come and enjoy Benidorm.

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