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What to see in Moraira

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Teulada-Moraira is a municipality of the Marina Alta in Alicante that offers a wide range of tourist attractions in its two population centers, Teulada and Moraira. The former is located inland, about seven kilometers from the latter, which does have a coastline. Moraira is part of Teulada for administrative purposes, and both towns are governed by the same town hall. Today we talk about what to see in Moraira and why this town on the coast of Alicante is so popular.

How to get to Moraira

The great offer of accommodation and leisure activities in Moraira is what encourages your visit. This town is a favorite for many tourists who wish to visit the Costa Blanca, as it occupies a strategic position on the coast, with other very interesting places within walking distance.

Teulada can be reached by following the N-332 between Gata de Gorgos and Benissa. While Moraira, which is on the shores of the Mediterranean, is located six kilometers from Teulada following the road to the coast.

Javea and Calpe, two well known towns, are about 20 minutes drive from Moraira, and Benissa is even closer. A little further away are Altea and Benidorm, just over half an hour away. To get from one of our campsites in Camping Armanello to Moraira, just follow the AP7, Mediterranean Highway northbound and take the detour near Benissa to the N-332 road.

Things to see in Moraira

Moraira, in Alicante, barely has 1700 inhabitants, although in summer its population multiplies. It is located in an area of scrubland that reaches the coast and gives rise to landscapes and patterns typical of Mediterranean environments.

Among the most outstanding nearby attractions we find Teulada itself or the town of Calpe, with its imposing Ifach rock dominating the entire Marina Alta. But if we focus on what is important, these are the most important things to see in Moraira.

Coves and beaches in Moraira

The municipality of Teulada-Moraira has eight kilometers of coastline. Most of the coastline is steep, very rocky, inaccessible by land, but there are small beaches and coves such as l’Ampolla, very close to the town center, or the Portet, west of the Punta de Moraira.

Alicante moraira
El Portet beach, a must see place in Moraira

A highly recommended way to get to know these small sandy areas is by kayak. Several active tourism companies operate in the town, located in front of the port and on the Portet beach, offering this and other activities related to nature and the coast.

In total, there are eight beaches throughout the municipality: Cap Blanc or Punta Estrella, Galera cove, l’Andragó cove, Les Platjetes, lAmpolla beach, Portixolet cove, Portet beach and Llebeig cove.

Moraira Castle

In addition to the beaches, the town is worth a visit, and if possible more than one day, for its cultural and architectural richness. Traces of both disciplines can be found in Moraira Castle.

Que ver en moraira en un dia
Moraira Castle, another must-see in Moraira in one day

This defensive construction is not really a castle, but a horseshoe-shaped bastion that began to be built in the eighteenth century, around 1740, with one purpose, to serve as a place of defense and lookout against attacks by Barbary pirates.

The bastion contains rocks from an ancient quarry near the Mediterranean. Inside the castle visitors can enjoy a permanent exhibition on the defense towers erected between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries and aimed at defending the castle against attacks from the sea. Delving into this network of defensive towers on the coast is one of the most recommended activities if you don’t know what to do in Moraira.

In addition, the castle of the town is located a few meters from the beach of l’Ampolla and the marsh of Senillar, a wetland protected since 2004 under the figure of Wildlife Reserve.

Cap d’Or Tower

Continuing with the defensive structures facing the sea, the Cap d’Or Tower also appears in Moraira, which is located on the peninsula of Moraira or Cap d’Or. This place, next to the Portet beach, hosts this defensive tower that follows the same dynamics as the one previously exposed with the castle. It is an essential place to see in Moraira and a must see photo.

The interest in this place lies both in the way to reach the tower and in the defensive construction itself. The building rises up to 11 meters and has the particularity that it is solid at the bottom. To access the interior it was necessary to climb up a rope ladder that was thrown from the inside. The door was located halfway up.

The tip of Moraira is one of the best places in the entire Marina Alta to see scenery such as the Peñon de Ifach or the cliffs of Benitatxell. Its attraction is also in discovering its landscapes in the hiking route that leads to it, which involves only three kilometers of walking and offers the opportunity to discover the cave of les Cendres.

Cave of the Cendres

The cova or cave of the Cendres is another reason to visit Moraira. The place is so named because of the grayish soil found in its interior, similar in color to that of ash. To access it just follow the route SL-CV 51, which is the one that leads to the tower of Cap d’Or.

This cave is animportant archaeological and paleontological site in the Valencian Community. In its interior, vestiges have been found that date its occupation back to 25,000 years ago, in Paleolithic times.

More recent are the Neolithic ceramic remains or the human settlement of Iberian times, of which some walls can still be seen. Some of the findings from this site are exhibited in the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante.

With these recommendations you already have a small idea of what the town is like and what to see in Moraira. At Camping Armanello we advise you, if you want to enjoy a complete experience, to contact us and enjoy one of our campsites, perfect to enjoy with your family or as a couple.

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