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Mini Bungalow in Benidorm!

If you are searching for a good place to sleep in Benidorm, here’s our little SleepHouses. But if you are in search for the total comfort, your accommodation is our Morea, Samoa and the Titoms, fully equipped bungalows for enjoying a very pleaseant Benidorm experience.
A Sleephouse cottage is a small bungalow that, as its English name indicates, is a house (Sleep). It is ideal for groups or couples looking for a point of comfort rather than the tent, since you do not have to carry it or mount it.

Having a small refrigerator and the light included in the price makes the Sleephouse option very profitable. Without a doubt a great option for all the public, although we recommend to families our bungalows, as it is a very demanded area for groups. In the same area is the Camping Zone, so the space is usually occupied by tents, our Sleephouse and Barrel House, creating a very entertaining atmosphere in the natural shade of our mulberry trees.

SleepHouses includes:

What’s your camping choice?

Disponemos de amplias parcelas en el camping para caravanas, remolques o tiendas de campaña grandes, sombreadas y con todos los servicios para hacer más cómoda su estancia en el camping: electricidad, toma T. V. por satélite, agua potable y desagüe.

Camping Armanello dispone tanto parcelas individuales para tiendas de campaña, grandes y pequeñas, como una amplia zona de acampada para grupos. Parcelas y zona de acampada sombreadas, y cerca de todos los servicios del camping.

Experimenta una estancia inolvidable en los bungalows del camping. Si prefieres disfrutar del camping Armanello con todas las comodidades de un hotel a un precio reducido, este es tu plan.

Si buscas un bungalow, aqui tienes nuestras pequeñas SleepHouse. Si quieres confort total en un camping mira nuestros bungalows Armanello, Morea, Samoa, Titom y Alucasa.