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Restaurants in Benidorm

We present you your list of Restaurants in Benidorm to eat “BBB”: good, good and cheap (or not). I’m sure you’ve heard someone talk about how Benidorm is cheap to eat, that you can eat pintxos and beers for one euro and that it’s full of mixed dishes. Thank goodness we are here to shed some light on such dark comments. Get ready because we’re going to show you a quick guide to a gastronomic tour that’s unbeatable value for money. This article is so you can eat well, good and cheap in Benidorm, with a B or BBB.

Eating well is another of those wonderful things to do in Benidorm. To begin with, and based on the opinions of expert tasters (our friends and clients), we have classified the restaurants in Benidorm into the following categories:

Basque Food Restaurants – Pintxos and Specialities

First of all, in the area of the old town there is the “Basque area”. Here, you can find numerous restaurants from the northern part of Spain. Good food, good quality and good wines at an average price. This is one more option of Well and Good.

  • La Brasería Aurrera
  • La Cava Aragonesa
  • Tragantúa Tavern

Regional Mediterranean Food – Paellas, rice dishes and others

Secondly the restaurants in the area with typical dishes. Fish, rice dishes, paellas… Average price, excellent quality. We continue with Well and Good.

  • Ulía Tavern . Sepionets, mini octopus with onions, arroz a banda…
  • El Niño . Rice of all kinds
  • Duchy
  • La Marina Rice Shop . Excellent option to go with children, close to the campsite.
  • Beach ravine
  • El Arenal
  • Restaurant Casa Toni
  • Our Restaurant Armanello. Paellas and rice dishes made by master rice cooks.

Slow Food / Urban food

Cool places, those that bring you the bill in a mug with some motivational phrase.

  • Portus Massai
  • Uptown
  • Terra Atlantica
  • Margem
  • Dvora
  • XoXo
  • Ole Tu Cono . Good food in cones.

Indian Restaurants

We continue with something exotic and with an appropriate decoration: the Hindu. Tasty dishes, we recommend the Tikkamassala. Lunch and dinner Well and Good.

  • Indian Gate . A classic place to dine in Benidorm, with a great tradition.
  • Spice of Life . Very good Indian dishes at a good price.

Japanese Restaurants in Benidorm

In addition to Sushi at a good price, centrally located and good quality, try the other specialties and Japanese beer. Well and Good.

  • Meetoo Sushi Buffet Benidorm . Buffet that for about 18 euros (without drink) allows you to eat as much as you can: sushi, makkis, tepanyaki chicken, prawns…

Coeliac Friendly Restaurants in Benidorm – BBB Gluten Free

We have asked regular users for celiac friendly restaurants in Benidorm:

  • McDonalds
  • Pizza4U
  • Yenko
  • Ginos
  • Tuscany
  • La Tasquita de Jara
  • Isabelita Brewery
  • Telepizza
  • Domino’s
  • Dvora
  • Vips

Chinese Restaurants

We can’t forget a good “D” menu, with its spring roll, rice and roast pork with spicy sauce. Ask for satay skewers. BBB Restaurants:

  • ChinaTown . Restaurant that has been in Benidorm for more than 25 years, with a very successful decoration and excellent dishes.
  • Duck Laqueado . Small Chinese restaurant in front of the entrance to the Parque de Elche (downtown), difficult to find a place.

Italian Restaurants

We continue with the pizza and pasta classics. After years of exhaustive research, this is our list of recommended “good and good” Italians:

  • Tuscany . Quality at a good price for many years. Busy on weekends.
  • Dolce Vitta . Less well known but very good quality food.
  • Pizzeria Va Bene (Centro) . Meat tortellini with parmesan sauce and black truffles. Little more to add.
  • Pizzeria Va Bene (Poniente)
  • The Original . Totally central, good food but crowded.
  • Sorrento
  • Duetto

Tribute level restaurants

Restaurants to celebrate something mortals or ask for marriage.

  • Taíta
  • Ulía
  • Sea Light
  • Belvedere . In the very centre of Benidorm, go up to the roof terrace and dine there.
  • The Falua

Fast Food – Fast Food

We’re on vacation and we have to eat poorly from time to time.

  • McDonalds
  • Burger King
  • Kentucky
  • TGB
  • Telepizza
  • Domino’s
  • Vips


Yes, these places exist and are part of the history of the city of Benidorm:

  • Mariano’s
  • Dice


You have more information in , but we summarize the annual conferences organized by the restaurants of Benidorm in:

Restaurants in the Surroundings of Benidorm

Finally, some recommendations of restaurants in the surroundings of Benidorm:

  1. The Xato. Michelin Star in the village of La Nucia, 10 minutes from Benidorm.
  2. Can Tapetes. In Albir, very good.
  3. Xef Pirate. In Altea.
  4. Oustau. In Altea too.

We hope you liked it and we accept any kind of ideas to update this post. Remember to share and give us 5 stars. 😉

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