Things to do in Benidorm

At the campsite we are used to receiving people who ask us for information about things to do in Benidorm. It is not the same to look for plans with children between 8 and 12 years old than our little crazy people from 13 to 17 years old. We take them out of their environment to spend a few days in family, resting, but we have to offer them something different.

We will talk about what to do in Benidorm for adults, children, couples, families or anyone who wants to do something different during their holidays.

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1st amazing thing: Escape Room

People trying to solve an Escape room in Benidorm doing things

solve an Escape Room in Benidorm

What is an Escape Room?

Are you searching amazing things to do in Benidorm? Escape game that consists of leaving a room or enclosure by means of tests of ingenuity, skill, puzzles or puzzles that give access to other clues until you reach the final solution to exit.

Escape Room Benidorm: how much time?

Depending on the number of players and the theming, between 60 and 75 minutes.

Escape Room Benidorm Price

From 17€ person up to 26€, depending on the number of players. The more in a group, the cheaper per person.

Arrive to Escape Room Benidorm

Do a visit to Mendoza Winery

visita a Bodegas Mendoza desde el camping

Testing wines in a Winery near Benidorm

What's Bodegas Mendoza?

It's a Winery. Creators of some of the best wines in Spain, such as Santa Rosa. You can do a tasting in small groups or wait for the annual Enoescapada Bodegas Mendoza event, on April. An incredible thing to do in Benidorm at only 5km distance.

How much time to visit the Winery?

Aprox. 1.30h.

Winery visit rates

20€ each one.

How to arrive to Bodegas Mendoza

meet Poniente Balcony

¿What's the Poniente Balcony?

Most emblematic place in Benidorm. It was built where the old castle was, which fell to the sea in its majority. Opposite the viewpoint of the castle is the old geyser, off, and the Island of Journalists. From here we will see the dome of the Church of San Jaime and any descent will take us to the old town. Another place to visit for free and where to see Benidorm sunset. Anyone who comes to Benidorm has to do this thing.

How much time to visit it?

While we arrive, we take photos, go down to the viewpoint and see the 3 beaches, about 15-20 minutes.

Poniente's Balcony Price

The viewpoint is completely free, with free access 365 days a year and accessible up to the top.

Arrive to Poniente's Balcony

Take the boat to the Island

Benidorm Island photo

Boat to Benidorm Island - Mundo Submarino

What is on the island?

The Island of Benidorm is of great environmental interest. We can find predatory fish such as Denton and other species such as octopi and moray eels. It emphasizes in its surface the Common Paiño, that only is here. We must take special care with seagulls during breeding season.

Trip duration to Benidorm's island

There are only 2 and a half miles away and it takes about 15 minutes.

Island Price

Access to the island is free, but the journey to it costs 15€ per adult and 12€ per child Round trip included.
Ticket Isla de Benidorm

Arrive to our Port (Benidorm)

Under water things: Sea Trek, Scuba Diving & Snorkel

Sea Trek benidorm

Sea Trek Benidorm, underwater things to do in Benidorm

What is Sea Trek?

Life is short and there are some many things to do in Benidorm. Our friends at the dive center Diving Stones Benidorm bring us the experience of walking on the seabed while we feed the fish. They are also experts, of course, in diving.

Sea Trek duration

Sea Trek is an activity that lasts approximately 30 minutes and takes place about 5 meters deep.

Sea Trek Price (Benidorm)

Sea Trek costs about 80€ / adult and 75€ / child.
Más info sobre Sea Trek

How to arrive to  Diving Stones (Port)

Sleep in a Barrel

City Break for couples, perfect thing to do in Benidorm

Inside View from Barrel House in Camping Armanello, Benidorm

What is a Barrel House?

They are accommodations with air conditioning, only to sleep. Get out of your tent and do not get hot. We recommend the option with breakfast included.

What's included in a Barrel House?

2 people, double bed, air conditioning, electricity, parking for 1 car, free wifi and if you want you can include breakfast.

Sleeping in a Barrel,price

The Barrel House are about 20 euros per person per day including breakfast.
Más info sobre las Casas Barril

Arrive to Camping Armanello

Relax at Algar Waterfalls

Jump into Algar Waterfalls and enjoy an incredible thing to do near Benidorm

Entrance to Algar Waterfalls, near Benidorm, in Callosa

What are Fuentes del Algar?

Waterfalls and pools where you can enjoy a day of bathing in the middle of nature.

How much time to spend here

The visit to the Fuentes del Algar is full day.

Fuentes del Algar - Waterfalls price

Admission to Les Fonts de L'Algar is 5€ adult and 4€ child.
Más info sobre Las Fuentes del Algar

Arrive to Callosa d'En Sarrià - Fuentes del Algar

Culture things: Benidorm Palace Dinner

Benidorm Palace Show dancers

Fangoria in Benidorm Palace

What's Benidorm Palace?

Variety show room, such as Moulin Rouge. Highlights the possibility of dining during the show.

Show length

More than 3 hours, including dinner.

Benidorm Palace Price

The entrance with a drink is from 32 euros, 52 or 62 euros depending on the type of dinner, normal or premium.
Más info sobre Benidorm Palace

Going to Benidorm Palace

Sports things: Make your own Kart competition

do Karting in Benidorm

Restaurant bar karting Benidorm

What's Karting Benidorm

One of the most fun activities to do in Benidorm with children and teenagers. Modern kart circuit with competition asphalt, real-time screen and cafeteria, 200m from the Armanello campsite.

How much time to do Karting

The turns are between 25 and 40 seconds. It depends on the turns that are contracted and if there is a warm up the activity may last longer.

Karts prices

There is a weekday, usually on Wednesdays, which usually offers 1 euro for 1 round. About 35 euros for groups, which includes qualifying rounds, race and ceremony with podium. 21 euros the adult, about 8 free minutes.

Learn water ski at Cableski Benidorm

Cable Ski Benidorm

Water Ski, amazing thing to do in Benidorm

What's Cableski?

Only cable circuit at sea for water skiing in Europe. It suits beginners and professionals. Very fun and experts will attend you, very used to children and teenagers. One of the most funny things to do in Benidorm.

How long is the circuit?

Usually more than one hour of activity is done. Depends on the bonus or if it is a multi-day course

WaterSki / Wakeboard Prices

One hour of adult is about 21 euros and 27 an hour and a half. Children 15 euros. Always includes skis, wakeboards are an extra.

Do some sport with Kayak or Paddle Sup

kayak for families in Benidorm

paddle surf and kayak lessons in Altea, near Benidorm

Kayak or Paddle Surf

Great professionals to do something different. Kayak as a family, with your children or teenagers. The kayak is similar to the canoe and Paddle Surf consists of standing on the board.

Duration Kayak or Paddle Sup

Usually the activity is done in more than one hour. It Depends on the bonus or if it is a multi-day course

la Bocana Price

We can rent material for about 15 euros an hour or 25 for two hours. The courses with monitor, both initiation and improvement are about 25 to 30€ per person and 90 minutes. There are also group discounts, guided excursions ...

A day to visit the Canelobre Caves

Canelobre Caves in Bussot (Costa Blanca)

Canelobre Caves in Bussot

What's about the Caves?

Magnificent caves for children and adolescents to discover something other than fresh and in family. It is not the batcave, but it is a beginning.

Time to Visit the Caves

It usually lasts less than an hour, depending also on the number of photos that are made for the family album.

Caves Prices

The price of the entrance to Les Coves de Canelobre is 7 euros per adult and 3.5 euros per child. Groups have special prices.

Santa Barbara Castle

Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante (Costa Blanca)

Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante (Costa Blanca)

What's about Castle Santa Barbara?

When we are asked what to do in Benidorm with children and teenagers we usually recommend visiting this castle. The Iron Throne was exposed there. Almost 800 years later we can continue enjoying a castle that crowns the city of Alicante. From it we can see the whole city, beach, harbor and surroundings. It always has interesting exhibitions such as Star Wars or Game of Thrones.

Time to visit the Castle

In this case we would say that without entering the exhibition, almost two hours. It takes 30 minutes by car from the campsite to the AP-7.

Santa Barbara Castle Price

The price of the entrance to Les Coves de Canelobre is 7€ one adult and 3.5€ one kid. Groups have special prices.

Tabarca Island Excursion by boat

Tabarca Island in Alicante

Tabarca, a great excursion to do in Benidorm

Short explanation about Tabarca

First marine reserve in Spain. Island of contrasts, with its small town, Roman remains and ideal to dive and enjoy the marine fauna. One of the main tourist attractions in the province of Alicante.

In how much time you can see Tabarca

The route Benidorm - Tabarca is 1.15h, from Alicante to Tabarca 50 minutes and 15 minutes from Santa Pola. We recommend this last option for time and price and you can also see the Salinas de Santa Pola along the way, very educational.

Price of the trip to Tabarca

30 euros desde Benidorm, hasta 15 en Santa Pola. Los niños suelen pagar la mitad. El peaje son unos 7 u 8 euros (ida + vuelta) por la AP-7, pero se puede ir a Santa Pola por la Nacional 332.
Si Papá, Mamá, el niño/a o el adolescente rebelde se marean recomendamos la opción de ir a Santa Pola por tener un trayecto de 15 minutos.

Jet Boat Furious, fast boat

Sea Furious, fast boat

fast boat for groups in the beach, Sea Furious

What's Sea Furious activity?

Activity for up to 12 people. Tour at maximum speed and with impossible turns around the bay. Very fun for the whole family.

Sea Furious duration

25 minutes of activity and adrenaline.

Sea Furious Prices

30 euros for adults and 17 euros for children.

Make easy hiking to Albir’s Lighthouse

People at Albir Lighthouse

Calpe view from Albir's Lighthouse

Short description

Easy hiking until you reach the magnificent Faro del Albir. Route on asphalt without important slopes. Ideal to go with the baby carriage or bicycle.

Duration of the road

About 30 minutes on foot from the parking lot.


Totally free

Going to the Lighthouse

See the sunset by Sierra Helada and La Cruz

Hiking tour over Sierra Helada (Benidorm)

La Creu - Benidorm Cross

Natural Park Sierra Helada

If you are looking for places to visit for free in Benidorm, Serra Gelada is a perfect place. Hiking through the Natural Park of the Sierra Helada, also known in Valenciano by Serra Gelada.. La Cruz is one of the best places to watch the sunset .

Time of the routes

Depending on the hiking route, between 2.5h and 4.5h one way.


Totally free

Dinner with hands in the Medieval Challenge

Medieval Challenge in Alfas del Pi

Medieval Challenge Dinner in Alfaz del Pi

Short description

Dinner show for the whole family. From small children to teenagers will enjoy a fight without quarter between two sides, reaching the fair between gentlemen. Spend one evening with one of the most familiar things to do in Benidorm.

How long is the dinner?

1 hour and a half of show.


Between 20 and 40 euros, depending on the promotions, ages ...

Rent Electric Bikes and Guided Tours – Tao Bike

Bike rental, do some sport in Benidorm

rent bikes at Tao Bike Benidorm

Short description

Things to do in Benidorm doesn't mean hard efforts. Magnificent electric design bicycles, adaptable to children and with possibility of sidecar. Everyone that the test is happy and with accessibility and bike lanes in Benidorm is a great option for the family.

Rental time

Flexible rentals, for 2 or 4 hours or per days.


Normal bicycle, with accessories for children free, between 12 and 20 euros for 2h or one day respectively. Bicycle with sidecar for 2 hours or a day, 20 and 40 euros respectively. The more days more economical.

Buggy or Quad Safari

Quad or Buggy excursions to Algar

Quad or buggy in Benidorm

Short description

Quad or Buggy excursions for families and groups.

¿how much time?

Flexible rentals, from one to 3 hours, with and without excursion to the Fuentes del Algar.


The quad is for two people and goes from 75 euros to 180, between 1 and 3 hours respectively. The 3-hour excursion is usually that of the Fuentes del Algar.
Según anuncian en sus webs, hay que reservar con 7 días de antelación mínimo.

Segway excursion by Benidorm

Tour segway LevanteBeach, in Benidorm

Segway Tour through Benidorm, amazing thing to do in Benidorm

Short description

Spend a great time exploring Benidorm on Segway accompanied by an expert guide who will show Benidorm on the back of a sustainable vehicle.

Segway Duration

The activity is a 2 hour tour, with insurance and monitor.


The price is 45 euros per person with a minimum of 2 people to carry out the activity.
Según anuncian en sus webs, actividad a partir de 14 años de edad.

Bathing with Dolphins or Bathing with Sea Lions

swim with Dolphins at Mundomar

swim with Sea Lions at Mundomar

Short Description

Swim with dolphins or swim with Sea Lions in Mundomar Benidorm.

Duration of the bath

The duration is about 30 minutes plus the preparation time and safety explanations.


The price is 150 euros per person approximately in the case of swimming with dolphins and about 50 when swimming with sea lions.

Eat Typical Things: Paella, Horchata and Chocolate with Churros

Alicante rice called Senyoret

You can ask for a Paella or an Alicante Rice, which are not the same. Ask for it at Senyoret, with the prawns peeled and everything, like a young man.


Take an Horchata with fartons. We recommend Sirlados Ice Cream.

Curros with chocolate from Valor Chocolate Factory in Benidorm

A few good Churros with the best Valor chocolate. In Lepanto street 2.

Do nothing … Relax in Las Playas

Levante Beach Benidorm

Levante Beach, with its promenade. The epicenter of tourism in Benidorm.

Benidorm beach foto

The small Mal Pas Beach, at the foot of the Balcón de Poniente is this small central beach next to the port.

Things to do in Benidorm, walking on Poniente Boulevar

Poniente Beach, Crowned by its futuristic and awarded boulevard. One of the most beautiful things to do is to see the sunset here.

Tio Ximo little beach

Cala del Tío Ximo, the most unknown. You can also find Cala de L’Almadrava.

Theme Parks in Benidorm

Terra Mitica Benidorm

Terra Mítica Benidorm. Check all the information in our post about Terra Mitica.

Iberia Park in Benidorm El parque Iberia Park, en Terra Mítica Benidorm cuenta con los jacuzzis abiertos más grandes de la ciudad.

Aqualandia attractions

We are a campsite with a water park nearby: Aqualandia Benidorm.

Mundomar Benidorm

Mundomar Benidorm. A great theme park of exotic animals. Enjoy the show of parrots, dolphins or sea lions and a park for the whole family.

Terra Natura Benidorm

Terra Natura Benidorm. Theme park with 1500 animal species themed by continents. Elephants, tigers, sharks …

Aqua Natura waterpark in Benidorm

Aqua Natura Benidorm. Discover all the information of the park that is part of the complex in the AquaNatura Benidorm article.

Major Festivities of Benidorm

Fiestas Patronales en Honor a la Virgen del Sufragio

In November the main festivities are celebrated.

8 November – 13 November 2019

Fallas in Benidorm

Fallas from Benidorm in March

In March the Fallas in Benidorm are celebrated

15 March – 19 March 2019

Hogueras in Alicante

Hogueras from Alicante

Every night of the 23 to the 24 of June the Hogueras (Bonfires) of San Juan burn in Alicante.

19 June – 24 June 2019

Benidorm Half Marathon

Half Marathon and 10k in Benidorm

In November the main festivities are celebrated.

8 November – 13 November 2019

Benidorm Gastronomic Events

Restaurante Camping Armanello Benidorm

The gastronomic weeks are celebrated all year round, so it is easy while you are in Benidorm to find attractive offers of tapas, pintxos or rice dishes.

  *There are not dates yet

    • VII Conference of the Bucket of Benidorm – February 24 to March 4 2018
      I Benidorm Gourmet – May 12-20, 2018
      III Gastronomic Fair May 15, 2018
      VIII tapas and pinchos contest – June 16 to 24 2018
      VII Day of the rices of the earth – October 20-28 2018

Low Festival Benidorm

The Low Festival, former Low Cost Festival, is held the last weekend of July.

26 July – 28 July 2019

Funtastic Festival Benidorm

Funtastic Benidorm

Fuzzville, organized by the same agents as Low Festival. A small 3-day festival of Garage, Punk and Rock and Roll.

31 October – 2 November 2019

Web de Funtastic

Benidorm Gay Pride

Benidorm Gay Pride 2019 in september

Week dedicated to the LGBT community with various activities throughout the city, including a parade.

  2 September a 8 de September 2019

Moros y Cristianos at Villajoyosa

"Moros y Cristianos" at Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa Local Festivity (one week), recreating the struggle between Christians and Muslims during the Reconquest.

19 July – 28 July 2019

Altea Fireworks

The Castle of Fireworks of L’Olla de Altea is the most amazing, next to the end of the Festivities of Benidorm.

11 August 2019

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