What to do in Benidorm in 1 day: 35 Plans

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The list of things to do in Benidorm and the most beautiful places to see is a very long list, perhaps infinite. We present you the best plans to see Benidorm and enjoy it to the fullest. You will discover how Benidorm went from being a fishing village to the tourist city known as the Manhattan of the Mediterranean.

Visit to the mirador del castillo viewpoint and people parasailing in benidorm

We will start by telling you that Benidorm is more than a hotel experience, beach with fine sand, skyscrapers and sun. It is a city full of tourists of all social classes, nationalities (even if they have told you about the English) and unique corners. It is the ideal destination for children, adults with a partner or singles and seniors. The best experience on the Costa Blanca.

Surely this sounds like one of those things that are often said to capture your interest. That’s why we are going to answer your curiosity with a very well thought out and lovingly made list from this humble campsite in Benidorm. We ask for just a few minutes. And remember that the Valencian Community is Mediterranean in Vivo .

Escape Room

People testing in an escape game

Playing an escape room game in Benidorm is a great option for the hottest hours of the day or when the weather is bad. It consists of getting out of a closed room or enclosure by means of tests of ingenuity, skill, puzzles or puzzles that give access to other clues until reaching the final solution to get out. We recommend our post about Escape Room Benidorm.

Escape Room Duration

Depending on the number of players and the theme of the room, between 60 and 75 minutes.

Escape Room Price

From 17 euros per person to 26 euros, depending on the number of players. The more people in a group, the cheaper per person.

Getting to Escape Room Benidorm

How to get to Lockdown Benidorm

Bodegas Mendoza, wine tasting and more

Bodegas mendoza in alfas del pi, an alternative plan to do in benidorm

Bodegas Mendoza is close to the campsite and they are creators of some of the best wines in Spain, such as Santa Rosa. You can do a small group tasting or wait for the annual Enoescapada Bodegas Mendoza event in April.

Duration Winery Visit

Approximately 1.30h.

Mendoza Winery Price

20 euros per person. At the end of the tour you can buy wine at a very good price in the store.

Getting to Bodegas Mendoza

How to get to Bodegas Mendoza from the campsite

Visit the Balcony of the Mediterranean or Mirador del Castell

The Mirador del Castell is the most emblematic place in Benidorm and almost of the Costa Blanca. It was built on the site of the old castle, most of which fell into the sea. In front of the castle’s lookout is the old Geyser, which has been turned off, and the Isla de los Periodistas (Journalists’ Island).

Visiting the Mirador del Castillo is in the Top 3 things to do in Benidorm.

From here we will see the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, with its dome and any descent will take us to the old town of Benidorm. Another place to visit for free and where to see the sunset Benidorm . On one side of the viewpoint we see the Levante beach, and on the other the small Mal Pas beach and the large Poniente beach.

How long is the visit to the viewpoint?

While we arrive, we take pictures, go down to the viewpoint and see the 3 beaches of Benidorm, about 15-20 minutes. The viewpoint is also known as the balcony of the Mediterranean.

Price of the viewpoint

The viewpoint is completely free, with free access 365 days a year and accessible up to the top.

Location of the Balcón del Mediterráneo

How to get there

When you go down the slope in front of the San Jaime Church, you will reach Alameda Street. Have a Gin Tonic, a yogurt at Llaollao or an ice cream at Pinochio (with a cone so they can make you “the flower”).

Stroll through this area: Calle Alameda, Zona de los Vascos (it will be obvious) and Paseo de la Carretera. To enjoy the full experience of the city you have to immerse yourself in these streets.

We leave you a list of Restaurants in Benidorm, to eat Good, Good and Cheap (or expensive).

Excursion to Benidorm Island: “L’Illa”.

Benidorm Island is of great environmental interest and the icon of the city. Also known as the Journalists’ Island. We can find predatory fish such as Denton and other species such as octopus and moray eels. The Paiño Común, which is only found here, stands out on its surface.

The visit to L’Illa de Benidorm is another of the 3 typical things to do in Benidorm.

We must be especially careful with gulls during the breeding season. From the island we will be able to see the skyline of the skyscrapers of Benidorm, the first city in density of skyscrapers per inhabitant in the world.

Duration of the trip to the island

It is only 2.5 miles away and takes about 15 minutes to travel.

Price of the trip to the Island

The access to the island is free, but the trip to the island costs 15 euros per adult and 12 euros per child round trip included.TICKET ISLAND OF BENIDORM

Arriving at the port (Benidorm)

How to get there

Sea Trek, walking on the bottom of the sea

Sea trek, a walk along the seabed in benidorm, an original plan to do in benidorm.

Our friends from Diving Stones Benidorm dive center bring us the Sea Trek, the experience of walking on the seabed while feeding the fish. They are also experts, of course, in scuba diving. You will also like our article about Snorkeling in Benidorm.

Duration of Sea Trek

Sea Trek is an activity that lasts approximately 30 minutes and takes place at a depth of 5 meters.

Sea Trek Benidorm Price

Sea Trek costs about 80 euros per adult and 75 euros per child. MORE INFO ABOUT SEA TREK

How to get to Diving Stones (Port)

How to get there

Sleeps in a large wine cask

Barrel houses in benidorm for a different getaway for a couple

The BarrelHouses are air-conditioned accommodations, but only for sleeping. Forget about your tent and stay cool. We recommend the option with breakfast included.

What does the Barrel House include?

2 people, double bed, air conditioning, electricity, parking for 1 car, free wifi and if you want you can include breakfast.

Price of Sleeping in a Barrel

Barrel Houses are about 20 euros per person per day including breakfast.

Arriving at Camping Armanello

How to get there

Algar Fountains – Fonts de L’Algar

The Fuentes del Algar are waterfalls and pools where you can enjoy a day of swimming in the middle of nature. Las Fuentes are in Callosa d’Ensarrià, very close to Guadalest. And while you are in the area, we recommend you also visit Guadalest. It is one of the most visited sites in the Valencian Community.

Duration of the visit

The visit to the Fuentes del Algar is a full day visit.

Price Fuentes del Algar

The entrance fee to the Fonts de L’Algar is 5 euros per adult and 4 euros per child.

Getting to Callosa d’En Sarrià – Fuentes del Algar

How to get there

Video showing how to get from the campsite to the Algar Springs

Benidorm Palace, dinner and show

Benidorm palace, a typical plan to do in benidorm
Variety show

Benidorm Palace is a variety show venue, like Moulin Rouge. It is possible to dine during the show.

Duration of the show

More than 3 hours including dinner.

Price Benidorm Palace

The entrance fee with a drink is from 32 euros, 52 or 62 euros depending on the type of dinner, normal or premium.

Getting to Benidorm Palace

How to get there


Benidorm karting circuit

Karting Benidorm is one of the most fun things to do in Benidorm with kids and teenagers. Modern karting circuit with competition asphalt, real time screen and cafeteria, 200m from the Armanello campsite.

Karting Duration

The laps are between 25 and 40 seconds. It depends on how many laps are contracted and if there is a warm-up, the activity may last a little longer.

Price of karts

There is a day during the week, usually on Wednesdays, when there is usually a 1 euro for 1 lap offer. About 35 euros for groups, which includes qualifying laps, race and podium ceremony. 21 euros per adult, about 8 minutes free.

Arriving at the karting

How to get there

Contact Phone Number

Open WhatsApp chat

Cableski Benidorm, water skiing in the sea

Cable ski benidorm

Enjoy the only sea cable circuit for water skiing in Europe. Hence the name Cable-Ski Benidorm. Suitable for beginners and professionals. Very fun and you will be attended by experts, very accustomed to children and teenagers. If you are very interested in this activity, visit our post about Cableski Benidorm.

We recommend that you try wakeboarding in the sea on a circuit. One of the exclusive plans to do in Benidorm that you will not be able to repeat anywhere else.

How long is the circuit?

Normally more than one hour of activity is done. Depends on the voucher or if it is a multi-day course.

Price of water skiing

An adult hour is about 21 euros and 27 euros for an hour and a half. Children 15 euros. Always include skis, wakeboards are an extra.

Getting to Cableski

How to get to Cableski Benidorm

Cableski Benidorm Phone

Open WhatsApp chat

Kayak or Paddle Sup

Kayak familia

In La Bocana Sailing Point (Altea), you will be attended by magnificent professionals to do something different. Kayak route in family, with your children or teenagers. Or night routes with full moon, learning courses… In case you don’t know, kayaking is similar to canoeing and paddle surfing consists of standing on the board.

Ask about night kayaking trips. Another alternative plan to do in Benidorm.

Duration of the Kayak or Paddle Sup

Normally more than one hour of the activity is performed. Depends on the voucher or if it is a multi-day course.

Price of the Bocana

We can rent equipment for about 15 euros for one hour or 25 euros for two hours. The courses with instructor, both beginners and advanced, are about 25 to 30 euros per person and 90 minutes. There are also group discounts, guided tours…

How to get to the Bocana

How to get to La Bocana Sailing Point (Altea)

La Bocana Sailing Point Phone

Open WhatsApp chat

Canelobre Caves

Don’t know what to do in Benidorm with your kids when it’s so hot? The Canelobre caves are magnificent caves for children and teenagers to discover something different in the fresh air and with the family. It’s not the Batcave, but it’s a start.

Time to Visit the Caves

It usually lasts a little less than an hour, depending also on the number of photos to be taken for the family album.

Price of the Caves

The entrance fee to the Coves de Canelobre is 7 euros per adult and 3.5 euros per child. Groups have special prices.

How to get to the Busot Caves

Coves de Canelobre – Caves of Canelobre (Busot)

Canelobre Caves Phone Number

Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante

The Santa Barbara Castle can be seen from the A-7 and is the icon of the city of Alicante. When we are asked what to do in Benidorm with children and teenagers we usually recommend visiting this castle. The Iron Throne was exposed there.

Almost 800 years later we can still enjoy a castle that crowns the city of Alicante. From it we can see the whole city, beach, port and surroundings. It always has interesting exhibitions such as Star Wars or Game of Thrones.

Time to see the Castle

In this case we would say that without going into the exhibition, almost two hours. It takes 30 minutes by car from the campsite via the AP-7.

Santa Barbara Castle Price

The entrance fee to the Coves de Canelobre is 7 euros per adult and 3.5 euros per child. Groups have special prices.

How to get to Castillo Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Castle (Alicante)

Tabarca Island

Tabarca playas de alicante

Tabarca Island is the first marine reserve in Spain. Island of contrasts, with its small town, Roman remains and ideal for diving and a route through the Mediterranean marine fauna. One of the main tourist attractions in the province of Alicante.

Journey to Tabarca

The trip from Benidorm to Tabarca takes 1.15 hours, from Alicante to Tabarca 50 minutes and 15 minutes from Santa Pola. We recommend the latter option for time and price and you can also see the Salinas de Santa Pola on the way, very educational.

Price of the trip to Tabarca

30 euros from Benidorm, up to 15 in Santa Pola. Children usually pay half the price. The toll is about 7 or 8 euros (one way + return) on the AP-7, but you can go to Santa Pola by the National 332.

How to get to Tabarca

Route to the Port (Benidorm)

Route to the Port (Santa Pola)

If Dad, Mom, the child or the rebellious teenager gets seasick, we recommend the option of going to Santa Pola for a 15 minute ride.

Jet Boat Furious, the fastest speed boat

Speedboat for groups in benidorm, sea furious

The Sea Furious is an activity for up to 12 people in a speedboat (very fast). Maximum speed tour with impossible turns around the bay. Great fun for the whole family.

Duration of the Sea Furious

25 minutes of activity and adrenaline.

Sea Furious Price

30 euros for adults and 17 euros for children.

Where is Sea Furious



Albir Lighthouse

If you like easy hiking you should try to get to the Faro del Albir. Route on asphalt without significant slopes. Ideal to go with the baby carriage or bicycle and very close to the campsite.

An essential plan to do in Benidorm, even if it is in the next town. Easy route for baby carriages, walking with children or by bicycle.

Road duration

About 30 minutes walk from the parking lot.

Price Albir Lighthouse Route

Completely free of charge

How to go to Albir Lighthouse

Albir Lighthouse

Sierra Helada and La Cruz, trekking

If you are looking for places to visit for free in Benidorm, Serra Gelada and La Cruz are the perfect place. Hiking in the Natural Park of Sierra Helada, with several routes with different durations and difficulty.

Climbing La Cruz is one of the 3 typical things to do in Benidorm. Try to go up at sunset…

Different routes that we offer in our post about hiking in Benidorm and access to La Cruz. La Cruz is one of the perfect places to watch the sunset . We also recommend a visit to Puig Campana, the main mountain in the area.

Time of the routes

Depending on the hiking route, between 2.5h and 4.5h one way.

Price of Sierra Helada

Completely free of charge

How to climb the Cross

From the campsite to the Cross

Medieval Challenge, dinner and show

Medieval challenge in alfaz del pi

The Medieval Challenge is a dinner show for the whole family and one of those alternative plans to do in Benidorm.

From small children to teenagers will enjoy an all-out fight between two sides, reaching the joust between knights. They will probably like it almost as much as our children’s entertainment at the campsite.

How long does the dinner last?

1 hour and a half show.

How much does the Medieval Challenge cost?

Between 20 and 40 euros, depending on promotions, ages…

How to go to the Medieval Challenge

Medieval Challenge in Alfaz del Pi

Medieval Challenge phone number (be careful, it’s a 902)

Rent Electric Bikes and guided tours – Tao Bike

Watch the sunset in sierra helada renting a tao bike electric bicycle.

Tao Bike brings us “electric bikes”. Design bicycles, adaptable to children and with the possibility of sidecar. Everyone who tries it is delighted and with the accessibility and bike lanes in Benidorm is a great option for the family. Ideal activity for children and to go up to the natural park of Sierra Helada, to the Cross.

Rental time

Flexible rentals, for 2 or 4 hours or for days. They make packs with day and night trips to Sierra Helada, for example.

Tao Bike rental price

Normal bike, with free accessories for children, between 12 and 20 euros for 2h or one day respectively. Bicycle with sidecar for 2 hours or one day, 20 and 40 euros respectively. The more days, the more economical.

Go to Tao Bike Benidorm

How to get to Tao Bike (Benidorm)

Tao Bike Phone

Open WhatsApp chat

Drive a Safari Buggy or Quad Safari

Quad or buggy excursion in benidorm

Quad or Buggy excursions for families or groups. These trips are an ideal way to enjoy and get to know the Costa Blanca and its natural environment.

How long is the Quad excursion?

Flexible rentals, from one to 3 hours, with or without excursion to the Algar Springs.

Price Quads Benidorm

The quad is for two people and ranges from 75 euros to 180 euros, between 1 and 3 hours respectively. The 3-hour excursion is usually the Fuentes del Algar.

Go to Benidorm or Free Time Excursions

How to get to Benidorm ExcursionsBenidorm Excursions Website

How to get to Free Time BenidormFree Time Benidorm Website

Take a guided Segway tour around Benidorm

Segway tour levante beach, in benidorm, from 14 years old and upwards

Spend a great time touring Benidorm by Segway accompanied by an expert guide who will show you Benidorm on the back of a sustainable vehicle.

Segway duration

The activity is a 2-hour tour, with insurance and instructor.

Price Segway Tour Benidorm

The price is 45 euros per person with a minimum of 2 people for the activity.

How to go to Segway Tours Benidorm

Benidorm Segway Tour Website

Swim with Dolphins or Sea Lions

Swim with dolphins or swim with sea lions at Mundomar Benidorm.

Swimming with dolphins or sea lions is in the Top 3 of alternative plans to do in Benidorm. You will enjoy like never before and it is ideal as a gift.

Duration of the bath

The duration is about 30 minutes plus preparation time and safety explanations.

Price of swimming with dolphins or sea lions

The price is approximately 150 euros per person for swimming with dolphins and about 50 euros for swimming with sea lions.

How to go to Mundomar

How to get to Mundomar from the campsite

Mundomar Dolphin Encounter Website

Typical Benidorm food: Paella, Horchata and Chocolate with Churros

Arroz senyoret alicante

You can order a Paella or an Alicantino Rice, which are not the same. Ask for it at Senyoret, with peeled shrimp and everything, like a gentleman.


Have a Horchata with fartons. We recommend Helados Sirvent, in Levante beach.

Chocolate con churros valor benidorm

Good Churros with the best Valor chocolate. At 2 Lepanto Street. Or if you prefer, visit the flea market on Wednesday or Sunday and take them there in the Levante area. There is another flea market, but the most famous is the one next to the Pueblo Hotel.

Benidorm beaches, choose among the 5

Levante beach in benidorm
Levante Beach

Levante Beach

Levante beach, with its promenade. The epicenter of tourism in Benidorm. At the end of this beach you will reach the Rincón de Loix and the English area.

For more national nightlife, almost at the other end and near the center, we will find the nightclubs: KU Lounge, Penelope Beach, Heartbreak, KM… We leave you a list of nightclubs and places to go out in Benidorm.

Poniente beach promenade in benidorm
Paseo de Poniente, aerial view

Mal Pas Beach

Mal Pas beach is the smallest of the 3 beaches. You will find it at the foot of the Balcón de Poniente, that central beach next to the port.

At the beginning of the road to the port you will find the Parque de Elche, with playground and playground adapted for children. It is not the extinct Festilandia park, but it works.

Mal pas beach
Mal Pas beach, next to the marina

Poniente Beach

The Poniente Beach, crowned by its futuristic western promenade you will see beautiful sunsets. At the end of this beach you will see the tallest hotel in Europe, the Gran Hotel Bali and a very tall building in the shape of “M” with a large diamond in the center, the In Tempo. If you like tall buildings you will like our post about the skyscrapers of Benidorm.

Take the elevator of the Gran Hotel Bali, the highest hotel in Europe. You will have one of the best views of Benidorm to take pictures. Just behind you will see the Cala de Benidorm and the cove of Finestrat.

Tio ximo cove

Tio Ximo Cove

Cala del Tío Ximo, the most unknown. Great snorkeling and nudist area.

Almadrava Cove

You can also find the Cala de L’Almadrava. On the road between Levante and Tío Ximo. Great snorkeling area.

Benidorm Theme Parks

Terra mitica roller coaster

Terra Mitica

Terra Mítica Benidorm is the best known amusement park in the Valencian Community. See all the information in our post about Terra Mitica park. Unique attractions themed on ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece or Rome.

Iberia park benidorm
The Iberia Park Park in Terra Mitica Benidorm has the largest open jacuzzis in the city.

Iberia Park

Iberia Park in Terra Mitica Benidorm has the largest open jacuzzis in the city. If you buy your ticket to Terra Mitica with the “Plus” option you will have access to this park as well. Or you can buy a ticket for Iberia Park only.

It is the ideal way to combine amusement parks and water parks in a single day.

Water slides in aqualandia benidorm

Super Aqualandia

We are a campsite with a water park nearby: Aqualandia Benidorm. Live your unique experience in one of the best water parks, with the largest capsule slide in Europe (Verti-go) and its new attraction Cyclon. It is in the Rincón de Loix area, in the foothills of Sierra Helada. The best alternative to an amusement park in summer is a dip in the water parks.

Delfines saltando personas mundomar


Mundomar Benidorm is a great exotic animal theme park. Enjoy the parrot show, the dolphin or sea lion show and a park for the whole family.

Large family discounts at terra natura benidorm

Terra Natura

Terra Natura Benidorm is a theme park with 1500 animal species themed by continents. It is not an amusement park. You will find elephants, tigers, sharks… Terra Natura has another park in Murcia, so don’t get confused when buying your ticket.

Aqua natura benidorm camping

Aqua Natura

Combine it with Terra Natura or buy your exclusive access to Aqua Natura Benidorm. Discover all the information about the park that is part of the complex in the AquaNatura Benidorm article.

Plans in Benidorm with kids: what to do with your children

After the places to see in Benidorm and surroundings, we leave you a list of things to do in Benidorm with children:

  • Beaches with children: visit any of the 5 beaches of Benidorm, but if you want to enjoy children’s games on the sand you should visit the Poniente beach.
  • Go to Festilandia Benidorm right next to the beach.
  • Family bowling: visit the Ozone bowling alley and spend a fun afternoon or evening with the kids.
  • Visit theme parks: we recommend Mundomar if they are very young, with its parrot, sea lion and dolphin shows.
  • Riding an electric bicycle: at Tao Bikes you can rent bicycles for all ages, with sidecars or special trailers. Ideal for climbing to the Cross or walking along the 80km of bike path.
  • Excursion to Benidorm Island by underwater vision boat: boat with glass floor to see the marine fauna of the island or the divers.
  • Take a ride on the Benidorm Panoramic Tourist Bus or the tourist train.
  • Climb to the viewpoint of the Gran Hotel Bali in its panoramic glass elevators.
  • Helicopter flight over Benidorm. For the very daring, Heliactivo Benidorm.
  • Parasailing in Benidorm. Flight on a canopy wing (like a parachute) that is towed by a cable from a ship. This activity can be done with children if accompanied by an adult.
  • An afternoon of Benidorm Circus with the kids. It is a circus without animals.
  • Family paddle surfing course for children to learn this water sport. Children standing on a board paddling in the sea. La Bocana Sailing Point will help you.
  • Summer concerts for the whole family, cinema on the beach… A wide cultural program every year during the summer.
  • Go shopping in Benidorm and treat yourself.
  • Family cinema: Colci cinemas in the city center or IMF Finestrat cinemas in the Marina Shopping Center. IMF Cinemas closed in 2023 and other cinemas will open soon in La Marina Shopping Center.
  • Swim like a mermaid at Aqua Natura Benidorm. Spend a mermaid’s day, with special costumes and activities, at the Aqua Natura water park.
  • Horseback riding with the family at the equestrian center Sierra Helada.

And if you liked our post, don’t forget to share it and rate it well. We really like to help you get to know the town and city of Benidorm and we invest a lot of effort in compiling and writing these posts, so any help in the form of 5 stars will be welcome. Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy “what to do in Benidorm“, which is much more than sun and beach.

And remember that the Spanish Levante is one of the best and most beautiful places. Make your vacation route pass through here, you won’t regret it.

PS: If you want to stay at the campsite enjoying the natural environment, with children’s entertainment, then enjoy the facilities and spend your vacation time with us. It is less tiring 😉.

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