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Mirador del Castell and other viewpoints in Benidorm

The iconic image of Benidorm is the Balcony of the Mediterranean and the viewpoint of the Castle with the island in the background. But there are 2 more viewpoints that we are going to show you.

We recommend the sunset and sunrise from a viewpoint as the perfect spot to photograph during your trip. It is one of the 35 ideas of our post about What to do in Benidorm.

As a curiosity, there is another Balcony of the Mediterranean in Tarragona (very nice), but the one in Benidorm is better known by tourists visiting the coast of Spain. There must be a reason.

Map of the 4 viewpoints of benidorm
Map of the 4 viewpoints of Benidorm

The 4 Viewpoints of Benidorm are:

Viewpoint of Punta Canfali or Balcony of the Mediterranean Sea

Going down the stairs of the viewpoint of the Castle we find the Balcony of the Mediterranean. Also known as the viewpoint of Punta Canfali, is the icon of the city next to the island, and is located on the large rock that juts into the sea (promontory).

It is a pentagonal viewpoint located at the top of the rock, down some stairs and located in front of the deactivated geyser. It separates the Levante Beach from its other half, the Poniente Beach. Always with the permission of the Mal Pas beach, which is just between the viewpoint and the port. Check out our post about the beaches of Benidorm.

Viewpoint of the Castle in the Plaza del Castell

The viewpoint of the castle is the main tourist attraction of Benidorm and is located in the Plaça del Castell. In Valencian it is called mirador del castell. We access it through the old town, through an archway, going up to the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana through Carrer Major.

The large area where the medieval castle stood. We will see the balustrade, a central area with arches where weddings and events are held and a well.

Panoramic view from the plaza del castell
Panoramic view from the Plaza del Castell with the Poniente beach in the background.

The square with the cannons, the square of Santa Ana

This square, which gives access to the Plaza del Castillo (fully accessible), reminds us that there was once a fortress defended by cannons in that location.

Arch of access from the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana

It is probably the only vestige of the ruins of the castle.

Why is it called Mirador del Castell or Castillo if there is no fortress?

The castle lookout is so called because on the rock on which it stands there was a small medieval fortress until about 1813. There is documentation that the British tore down the last remnants and threw the cannons into the sea. If you want to know all the historical details, we recommend the History of Benidorm post on this website.

Is there anything left of the old castle?

The well that is in the viewpoint, which almost certainly was the old Castell’s cistern. The access arch to the cannon square is the only remaining part.

Has it been restored? The castle was completely destroyed and has been remodelled several times.

First remodeling and La Balustrada

In 1928 Vicente Llorca Alos, then Mayor of the city, commissioned the remodelling and transformation of the castle into a square. His was the idea for the unique balustrade.

It is an iconic element of the city. The same balustrade was previously found on the beaches and was created in the handicraft workshop “El Ti Santonja” in Benidorm.

Second remodeling

In 1992 the City Council awarded the remodeling of the viewpoint of the Castell. Action had to be taken because marine erosion was deteriorating the rock and endangering the entire site.

Third remodeling and archaeological excavations

In 2019 excavation work will begin in search of remains of the castle to try to bring them to light.

What was the Benidorm Geyser?

In 1986 an artificial geyser was installed, which could shoot jets of water up to 100m high. It was in continuous operation until 2004. From that year onwards, numerous electrical and maintenance failures, in addition to the erosion it caused at Canfali point, led to the decision to disconnect it for good.

How to get to the Balcony of the Mediterranean?

To get to the viewpoint you have to get to the old town of Benidorm. Walking we can get there in the following ways:

  • Go to the end of Levante Beach. We arrive at the Tourist Info and walk up the hill to the Church of San Jaime.
  • In the centre, at the end of Ruzafa street, we take Alameda street passing the famous “palm tree” and in a straight line we reach the slope to go up to the church.
  • From the west, in the park of Elche we turn and head towards the port. Before entering the breakwater, we find the Mal Pas beach on our left and some stairs that go up near the church.

We can also approach the viewpoint at:

  • Bus: Bus number 4 to Plaza Triangular. We arrive and walk 300m to La Creu.
  • Taxi: we tell him to drop us off “at the palm tree”.

Creu viewpoint

We can get to the Mirador de la Creu by walking to the end of the Levante beach and going up towards the mountain. We can see the cross in Sierra Helada, behind the big white building with a point, the Lugano Tower.

Incredible views of the Levante area, with the Rincón de Loix. Some people try to find their hotel or apartment block among Benidorm’s skyscrapers and skyline.

Viewpoint of the hermitage of the Virgin of the Sea

On the opposite side to Levante we find a small mountain, the Mont Benidorm. In its highest part is the viewpoint of the hermitage of the Virgen del Mar. You can reach the viewpoint of the hermitage by car.

Finally, the best photos of the Poniente Beach can be taken from this viewpoint. Here you can see the two tallest buildings in Benidorm: In Tempo and Gran Hotel Bali. The first is two 200m towers joined by a large diamond in the centre and the second you will see to your left.

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