Escape Room Benidorm: Live Escape Games have landed in the city


You can enjoy Live Escape Games in Benidorm. It is an adventure game which you have to try to leave a room through the resolution of riddles. If you have not tried it yet, read this post carefully, as we tell you what it is and how it works. You will become addicted!




It is a room where a group of players are locked up. Through puzzles and riddles the group should try to leave the room in a certain time (usually 1 hour). Your team requires wits, logic and observation skills to solve the mystery and find your way out.


A very funny plan with your friends or family, especially for families with teeneagers, where teamwork is really important to escape.




Many Escape Rooms are set in a variety of fictional locations as prison cells, space stations, dungeons… In Escape Room Benidorm you will have to take the challenge to escape from:

  • A zombie apocalypse that has hit Europe. You have 60 minutes to save yourselves. Or,
  • A mysterious orphanage before midnight in 75 minutes. Or,
  • Drake’s office, who was a CIA special agent, after figure out what happened during the space race in 1961 and defuse a bomb. You also has 75 minutes.


In Escape Room in Benidorm you can do your game in English or Spanish.


The games are not dangerous and it is always controlled through cameras and microphones where the staff see your game’s evolution. If you are lost, they will always give you some clue to orient you again.


The team must be between 2 and 6 people. In Benidorm they indicate the ideal number of players as 4 people.


If it is your first time, don’t worry. Before start playing, the staff explain the rules and goals and they also make an introduction to the story.


We recommend you to make your reservation in advance and be in the place about 15 minutes before your game starts.


The price is between €45 and €65 per game, depending on the number of players.




The Live Escape Game in Benidorm is called Lockdown Escape Room and you can find it in Calle Ibiza, 6. And soon we will be able to enjoy a new room. We are waiting for!

Escape Room Benidorm, an alternative experience to enjoy



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