12 Tips for snorkeling

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Snorkeling in benidorm- tips

Snorkeling in Benidorm is a very fun and relaxing water sport. It is also a fun way to learn about marine life and the underwater environment. But be careful, Snorkel is addictive and very cheap. One more of the 35 ideas to do in Benidorm that we already mentioned in our article.

If you don’t know what it is or you have snorkeled sporadically, we will give you 12 tips to snorkel in Benidorm like a pro. And when you know how to snorkel, you can do Hookah Diving, a variant between scuba diving and snorkeling.


Snorkeling consists of swimming in a body of water (the sea, ocean, etc.) equipped with a diving mask, a snorkel and almost always with fins. The use of neoprene depends on the individual and the water temperature, of course.

It is a simple, physically undemanding practice that consists of observing marine life in a relaxed manner for periods of a certain duration. It is usually done in places with good conditions for the practice: calm, clean and crystalline waters for a good view and with a certain temperature.


Although it may seem a new trend, snorkeling is a practice that has been practiced for thousands of years. In some places, such as Crete, there is evidence that fishermen used this technique to collect certain mollusks.


  • Choosing the right glasses. Above the brand, you should choose glasses with tempered glass and soft silicone that fits well. The most important thing is that it fits perfectly, by size and shape.
  • Fins: the right size. Here the important thing is to put them in the water and that there is no sand inside under any circumstances if you want to avoid blisters and injuries.
  • Wet your head (including hair and face) before putting on goggles. This will prevent fogging by equalizing the temperature earlier.
  • New glasses. Apply a little toothpaste on the lenses, leave for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Spitting is also good according to the “experts”, but it is not the most hygienic way. You will avoid fogging.
  • The rubber goggle fits on the high back of your head. No neck or center, a little above the middle.
  • Before getting into the water, put on your mask and snorkel and breathe.
  • If you want to get the water out of your snorkel, just say “choo” very loudly. You will clean the tube.
  • When snorkeling remember that there are certain angles that you will not be able to do with your head if you do not want the snorkel to fill with water. Seawater is very good, as you know, but it is always better to breathe slowly, which helps to detect any minimal water intake without ingesting a large amount.
  • Use your hands crossed on your chest for warmth and use the slight movement of full, smooth legs, without bending your knees continuously.
  • You’re going to float, so relax. If you stay calm and breathe calmly, nature does the rest and you will float.
  • Sunscreen (lots of sunscreen), a T-shirt or wetsuit. You will be in the sun, very exposed and with the effect of the water you will burn. Always be careful with the sun.
  • Be careful what you touch. No corals or colorful things, stay away from jellyfish and no rocks with strong waves. Reading the instructions on the beaches is always the best advice.

And now that you know all this, go ahead, it’s time to Snorkel in Benidorm!


Snorkeling in benidorm, tio ximo cove

We recommend the area of Cala Del Tio Ximo, in the Rincón de Loix. This area is not very touristic and is a luxury for snorkeling.

Although reaching this cove requires a vehicle and descending on foot, it is worth it for the underwater richness and tranquility of the area. Rich in posidonia and changing colors on the bottom, schools of fish such as the Serrano appear.

We leave you an underwater map so you can plan your visit, which you can find in the VisitBenidorm.es article about Tio Ximo Snorkeling Route.

See you soon snorkeling in Benidorm!

Snorkeling routes tio ximo cove benidorm
Snorkeling Routes Tio Ximo Cove Benidorm

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