Benidorm Island

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Today we talk about Benidorm Island, a treasure of the Costa Blanca! This symbol of Benidorm, also known as the Journalists’ Island o l’Illa de Benidormhas a high scenic and environmental interest that many are still unaware of. It is normal that Benidorm families have visited this jewel, but not always tourists do. That is why we have made this post, to encourage you to visit it. The excursion to Benidorm Island is one of the best things to do in Benidorm.

Distance and how to get to the Island

The distance from the Port of Benidorm is only 2.5 nautical miles and the company that makes these trips is Excursiones Marítimas Benidorm. It is an island located at a very short distance so you will not have time to get seasick by boat.

The boats make the journey between 15 and 20 minutesand it is perfect to enjoy wonderful views of the whole bay of Benidorm. bay of Benidormand of Villajoyosa or Altea from the deck. In addition, there are boats that offer underwater vision free of charge, so you can see the bottom of the sea while you move to the island.

The price round trip is 15 euros for adults and 12 euros for children. We recommend that you consult special rates for groups. The first departure is at 10.00h and boats depart every hour. Return is also every hour, but don’t forget to check the last return, which is subject to weather conditions.

What to see and do on the Island

Benidorm Island has a high ecological interest and is a small islet with a maximum height of 73 meters above sea level. 73 meters above sea levelwhere the lighthouse that helps the sailors to spot the island. Enjoy the views, you can see as far as the Peñón de Ifach, in Calpe.

Go for a walk! To go up we find four paths different ways to get to know the island. Among the rich flora and fauna birds stand out, and you can find informative panels around the island to learn about the different species.

The underwater depths is highly coveted by divers and snorkelersThe waters are clear and clean and it has a great wealth of fish. Around the island we find the famous areas of La Llosa, Los Arcos, Punta Garbí, the Embarcadero and the North Face. Depending on the level of each person, one or the other dive is recommended. You can also practice snorkel in the authorized bathing areas on the island or just take a dip and enjoy the mats on the sea. The island area is a protected natural park, so enjoy snorkeling and diving, but take care of the environment.

On the island of Benidorm we found a single restaurantspecializing in rice dishes. From the restaurant there are some incredible views, but if you prefer, you can also take picnic and enjoy your delicacies in front of the sea.

Special care with seagulls, especially during the breeding season. Needless to say, do not touch any bird’s nests, as they become very aggressive and protective of their young.

History and curiosities of l’Illa

The island of Benidorm, which is currently included in the Serra Gelada Natural Park, has been called Isla de los Periodistas (Journalists’ Island) for some 45 years, when the Spanish Federation of Press Associations was named as the island’s godmother.

Do you know that it is an uninhabited island? No one lives or sleeps there, neither the restaurant employees nor the crew. As far as is known, pirates first used it as a base to attack the coastal populations of the bay. Later, around 1830, some families fled from a cholera epidemic.

View of the city skyline and harbor from benidorm's island

On the other hand, l’Illa de Benidorm is known for its numerous legends related to the Puig Campana. Surely you have heard the one about the Tajo de Roldán, the one about the knight in love with a beautiful lady who fell ill or the one about the giant in love with a young girl from Finestrat. And if not, maybe all these stories give us enough for a later entry….


Boat to the island of benidorm departing back
  • Always remember to protect yourself from the sun. It is always important to do so and it costs nothing to put sunscreen in your backpack and wear sunglasses and a hat.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, especially if you want to do some hiking. If, in addition, you are going for a swim, it may be a good idea to wear booties or similar.
  • Do not forget your diving goggles, the seabed of the island is a spectacle.
  • Avoid carrying baby strollers, it is better to opt for a backpack as the roads are made of dirt and stones.
  • Follow the trails and stay within the authorized swimming areas. It is for your safety.
  • Find out the return time of the boats. We want you back at the campsite.

You can start preparing your excursion to Benidorm Island. The natural environment of Serra Gelada is beautiful and very close to the campsite. This is your year to visit!

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