Best go-karting in Alicante: Top 6

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Spending a vacation in one of our campgrounds in the area of the Costa Blanca is interesting because there are thousands of options for leisure and tourism, including: beaches, restaurants, archaeological sites, party … and many alternative leisure options among which Alicante karting stands out. The latter are especially interesting in the autumn season, when the bathing plan is reduced and other ways of having fun have to be found.

One of the most fun to do as a family or with a group of friends is to race in the karting. Fortunately, there are many karting in Alicante: Just choose one that is close to the camping area, make a reservation and enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding a circuit at full speed.

When it comes to choosing karting options in Alicante, there is a wonderful catalog of companies that, both on the coast and near the big cities of the region, offer this type of sport.

That is why it is important to know what to take into account before booking a karting in Alicante in order to choose the best option. It is not enough just to have the vehicles and make a circuit. The goal is that the experience makes you feel like in one of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the planet … And there are karting in Alicante that get it!

What you should know before doing karting in Alicante

In any circuit in the province or in the world, there are many details to take into account to make the experience unsurpassable: from safety elements to the quality of the karts, including the characteristics of the tracks. These are the points that you must take into account:

Safety first

Today’s vehicles can reach very high speeds. Therefore, it is not advisable to take a go-kart race as just another game. You have to have fun, of course, but not at the cost of anything.

Therefore, it is essential to think about safety: having a helmet, helmet cover, overalls, neck and rib protectors, gloves and boots for driving is something that will make the difference between professional companies and circuits that are not up to the task.

Circuit rules

Karting benidorm, one of the most fun karting of alicante

The circuits that stand out throughout the Alicante area are the ones that take racing regulations more seriously; this implies that there are overtaking rules, a code of warnings with flags, etc.

Each of the karting centers in Alicante has different and more or less complete rules, but in general it must be taken into account that you must not hit or be violent when driving with other users, overtaking is not allowed in particularly complex areas of the track and that it is forbidden to walk freely on the track to avoid accidents.

Career mode?

From the point of view of enhancing the experience, there are karting facilities that take the simulation of professional tournaments very seriously. These will have a starting line, traffic lights, flag assistance and even, in some cases, a public address system to broadcast the competition. All these elements help to activate the adrenaline even more and make the experience exponentially better.

Drive like a professional

Fernando alonso in a go-kart

To fully enjoy the experience, it is necessary to put yourself in “professional pilot” mode. What does this mean? First of all, values such as sportsmanship and fair play must be demonstrated.

But, in addition, that putting yourself in the role of a professional will make the race more exciting: don’t concentrate on the vehicle in front of you, but rather think of the race in a global way, draw your track line to optimize the exit of the curves and you will overtake worthy of the best Fernando Alonso.

Who invented karting?

Art ingels, inventor of karting

You won’t believe it, but the history of karting was started by an American, Art Ingels, in 1955 in California with a lawnmower engine.

What are the best karting in Alicante?

Once you are familiar with the main safety and road safety tips, we recommend a series of karting in Alicante that can be easily reached from our campsite. and that will allow you to enjoy a safe, fun and ideal leisure time for speed lovers.

Karting Alacant

Image of the circuit and route of karting alacant, in villafranqueza (alicante)

Adapted to drivers of all ages and levels, Karting Alacant is one of the most popular in the area. Located very close to San Vicente del Raspeig, in the town of Villafranqueza, it is open all year round and stands out for its simulated competitions for groups.

This is the most fun of the complex, which allows you to go through all the stages of an F1 competition, from practice to qualifying, not forgetting the Podium ceremony, including the national anthem.

Another highlight is that the circuit, averaging 750 meters, is modifiable to create different experiences for repeat users. It is also approved by the DGT for closed-circuit practices, which offers a seal of professional quality to the experience.

Location Karting Alacant

Elche Karting Club

Image of the circuit and course of elche karting club, in elx (alicante)

The city of Elche also has one of the most interesting karting tracks in Alicante. Races, grand prix or free laps are part of its catalog of options for users.

The 1160-meter circuit is impressive. Its initial straight gives way to a 14-corner grid that makes the races frenetic and full of overtaking options. In addition, the space has an ideal restaurant to celebrate full days of passion for speed thanks to its menu packs with races for groups.

Location Elche Karting Club

Go Karting Finestrat

Image circuit and route of go karting finestrat in finestrat (alicante)

Near Benidorm, in Finestrat, you will find the 1260m long and 10m wide circuit of one of the emblematic karting of the Costa Blanca, Karting Finestrat.

Ideal to go with a group, and if there is a large group you can have free transportation service in a limousine or special car of the karting from our campsite.

Location Go Karting Finestrat

Karting Benidorm

Image of the circuit and route of karting benidorm (alicante)

With a length of 422m it is not the longest of the circuits, but it is very fun and professional. You can walk from the campsite, 5 minutes away. They organize farewell parties and combine it with paintball. Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Benidorm.

Location Karting Benidorm

Gasss 74

Image of the circuit and route of karting gasss74 in villena (alicante)

Villena hosts one of the temples of the engine of the whole area of Alicante: Gasss 74. The main point of interest of this circuit is that it is designed for both karts and motorcycles, which multiplies the fun by two.

In addition, the vehicles are very modern and the circuit is fully adapted with the latest technologies: track assistance, safety exits, real time monitoring… and a wide range of karts of different sizes for each type of user.

With offers for groups, and an absolute obsession to reproduce what it feels like on a professional track, this is one of the most popular circuits for speed lovers.

Location Gasss74 Karting Circuit

Karting 9/3/2

Image of the circuit and route of karting 932 in san vicente del raspeig (alicante)

On November 21, 2022 opens in San Vicente del Raspeig the first indoor electric karting in the province of Alicante.

Its managers affirm that the 50 HP single and two-seater karts will provide an optimum experience for the most demanding customers.

Location Karting 932 Karting Circuit | Electric Indoor Karting

Alicante Karting Price Comparison

We compare prices as of November 2022. This is an approximation, as you should always check with the official websites for the best deals and prices. Always check if there is a Race or Race + Menu option.

Price RangeLaps / Time
Karting Alacant13 – 20 euros (depending on kart)8 minutes
Karting Elche Club18 – 25 euros (depending on kart)10 minutes
Go Karting Finestrat15 – 45 euros (according to kart)10 minutes
Karting Benidorm23 – 25 euros (depending on kart)8 minutes
Gasss7436 – 56 euros (depending on kart)Free practice + race 7 laps
932 Indoor Karting Alicante18 – 20 euros (depending on age)
*opening offer
1 Run = 15 laps = 8 minutes

What are the best selling Karting offers in Alicante? The Menu + Race with trophy offers, normally for groups of more than 10 people.

Alicante has many more venues for kart racing. These 6 are just some of the most popular and professional ones, which are often chosen by tourists who are on vacation in the area and want to add an unforgettable experience to their days on the coast.

For karting, Alicante is a perfect place, both for the wide offer and for the competitive prices, as well as for the fact that the weather is ideal to spend a morning, an afternoon or a full day on the asphalt. In addition, you can enjoy this experience by staying at one of our campsites, so you can live two experiences in one. Are you in?

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