Como hacer pompas de jabon

How to make giant soap bubbles with children

If you’ve come this far looking for how to make soap bubbles, I’m sure you’ve had the same problem that all mothers and fathers end up having sooner or later: you’ve run out of soap bubble mix and you’re not able to find the formula to … Read more

Costa blanca trail

Costa Blanca Trail: the 5 Challenges

Six peaks, eight towns in Alicante, excitement, adrenaline and, above all, a lot of passion for the sport. Every year, in the Valencian region, hundreds of running lovers gather to participate in one of the most special and unique races in the world: the Costa Blanca … Read more

Equipaje llevar a un camping 2

What to bring to a campsite

We give you a list of what to take to a campsite if you are planning your next vacation and don’t know what to take with you. Both in tents and bungalows.

Sistema artesanal riego por cordón

How to water plants on vacation

We explain how to water your plants during the vacations so that they do not wilt. You have taken care of them all year long and with these tricks they will water themselves.

Nomada digital

What is a digital nomad

Today, in the wake of the pandemic, more and more people are adapting lifestyles where their professional activity is carried out telematically, organizing and scheduling daily routines in totally different ways. The concept of digital nomad is becoming increasingly popular, so today we will delve into … Read more

Pizza de sandia para ninos 3

Easy recipes for children

Want to make some no-bake cookies with your kids? We show you recipes for children without fire. You provide the patience and the children, we provide the recipe.

How to make nutella or nutella slime

How to make homemade Slime

We explain the slime recipe at home. Make your homemade slime with borax-free shaving foam or your edible chocolate slime. A fun way to make crafts, very cheap and with things we have at home.

Video camping alicante armanello vives

Family vacation in a camping in Benidorm

Planear unas vacaciones en familia y viajar con niños, como todos sabemos, no siempre es una tarea sencilla y existen muchos factores a tener en cuenta antes de irnos de viaje: destino, precio, instalaciones del alojamiento, opiniones de viajeros,… Cuando se elige dónde ir se suele considerar la oferta para … Read more

Bus 185x138 1

Buses in Benidorm

Podrá encontrar en esta sección toda la información y horarios sobre el transporte urbano de Benidorm.