Coliving in Benidorm: 10 reasons that will surprise you

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Coliving what is

The Costa Blanca is one of the main tourist attractions of our country, attracting more and more customers, so the accommodations and companies in the sector have designed various accommodation alternatives for those who decide to enjoy their vacations in this area.

We, at the campsite, have created a Coworking Room specially designed for those digital nomads who want to spend the winter or long periods working with sun and beach.

Today we talk about coliving, what it is and 10 interesting reasons to choose this option in the Benidorm area.

What is coliving

Originating in American cities such as San Francisco, where access to housing for young people is quite complicated, co-living, which is a way to obtain a residence, consists of several people sharing a house, generally enjoying a private room, but sharing common areas and spaces.

This phenomenon has generated a very popular lifestyle, especially among young nomads who are constantly on the move and looking for new places to live and develop their professional careers. In Spain, coliving is a growing trend and tourist areas such as Benidorm have many residences and campsites where you can live in this way.

If you are looking for a camping coliving in Benidorm, do not hesitate to consult the rooms available at Camping Armanello. In addition to the different types of accommodation, we have free wifi, breakfast and half board options and options to enjoy our services with your pet.

10 reasons to go to a coliving in Benidorm

Community living

Living in a coliving allows you to enjoy the privacy of home, having a totally private room, while sharing common areas and spaces with different people. All of them will be open to meet new friends in the Benidorm area, so it is a good way to create contacts and links.

Professional contacts

Many professionals opt for coliving spaces in which they share a residence with professionals from different sectors. This is very useful for developing contacts and relationships, sharing projects and visions, expanding anyone’s professional network.

Dream location

The Benidorm area is a dream place to live, as its location allows residents to enjoy a perfect climate, accompanied by beautiful beaches and diverse cultural attractions. For this reason, it is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists, and now also for nomads who practice coliving.

Significant savings

The coliving offered by Camping Armanello offers services such as electricity, water or free wifi, which means an important saving in the wallets of those who decide to spend a season in the facilities. In addition, the common areas also provide entertainment and leisure, especially in times when there are activities for the tenants.

Perfect for digital nomads

Those nomads who work in a digital environment, and who have total freedom in terms of residence, will not regret choosing Benidorm as a destination to do their work. coliving. In addition, they will be able to strengthen their professional contacts and network with people while enjoying the city and continuing their work.

Minimalism in the home

In a coliving space you will only have to worry about your room, so you will have no problems when it comes to decorating an entire home. This is a very convenient option for those who travel and are constantly on the move, as they will only need their essentials.

Good weather all year round

Benidorm has an ideal climate for year-round living. Winters are not excessively cold, enjoying temperatures between 11 °C and 15 °C, and the rest of the year are ideal for all kinds of activities, especially those related to the beach and water sports.

Many places of interest

Although Benidorm is associated as a city to spend the summer vacations, the reality tells us that there are several places of interest that make it an extremely attractive location in every way. Markets such as the Rincón de Loix, viewpoints such as La Cruz or emblematic places such as the old town are some of the most popular attractions for visitors.

Festivals and nightlife

For those who also want to enjoy partying and nightlife, Benidorm is another popular destination in our country. There is a great diversity in terms of clubs and discos, finding environments for all tastes, in addition to the popular summer festivals held on the beaches of the city.


Benidorm, given its characteristics and diversity, has a great gastronomic offer, highlighting the fish, seafood and traditional Mediterranean food. Paella is another of the great claims at the level of restoration.

Now you know all about coliving, what it is and how it works, so you can keep it in mind if you are considering this way of life today. Having seen the above reasons why you should go to a coliving space in Benidorm, do not hesitate to consult with the services available at Camping Armanello.

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