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What is a digital nomad

Nomada digital

Today, in the wake of the pandemic, more and more people are adapting lifestyles where their professional activity is carried out telematically, organizing and scheduling daily routines in totally different ways. The concept of digital nomad is becoming increasingly popular, so today we will delve into its definition, characteristics and implications.

What are digital nomads?

We call digital nomads to professionals who develop their professional and work activities through the Internet. The fact of being able to work telematically allows the person to live traveling and getting to know new places, adapting his or her duties to each particular situation.

Anyone who chooses to become a digital nomad should know that they will be adapting a totally new lifestyle, starting to have total control over their life and decisions at all times, and being able to reside anywhere in the world without any work-related restrictions.

This freedom of movement is very attractive for any professional, and it also means significant savings in time and money, since you no longer have to travel to the office to work. From now on, any place can be your office, and you will only need a computer and an Internet connection to be able to carry out your professional tasks.

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How to become a digital nomad?

To become a digital nomad, it is important to understand the changes you will have in your work culture, especially if you have years of experience in any traditional sector. This new methodology will present radical changes in your routine, so you will not be able to fall into mistakes such as procrastination.

On the other hand, it is obvious that we all need to pay our bills, food and a place to live, so there must be some security of income, especially if you are going to venture to other countries. Having passive income is a great option in this sense, since it guarantees you a certain amount each month to cover important expenses.

Types of digital nomads

Knowing what a digital nomad is and taking into account the above, there are three alternatives for a person to start adopting this lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the three types of digital nomads, their characteristics and particularities:

  1. As an employee. Despite what we may think, it is possible to be a digital nomad working as an employee, with a contract from a company or institution. This is usually seen in technology-related jobs ( big data analysts , digital marketing experts, programmers…), since they work by objectives and not under a strict schedule on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Entrepreneurs. Those who have a digital business idea can be considered as digital nomad entrepreneurs, especially if it is based on generating passive income with a very low maintenance of the project. Generally, it is usually seen through the sale of digital products or services with specialized content on a certain topic, marketed in a simple way through various modern channels.
  3. Freelances. It consists of the sale of services through the Internet: campaigns of marketing digital, design, writing and correction of articles, proofreading and translation of texts and audios… It is important to point out that, in order to develop this activity full time, you will have to register as a freelancer (as long as your income is higher than the annual minimum stipulated by law).

Fundamental elements in the life of a digital nomad

Digital nomads must carry with them certain elements (both physical and digital) that are crucial for the development of their professional activities:

  • Laptop computer. It is a must-have and an obvious must-have in any digital nomad’s kit. In addition, we should also mention several important accessories: an external hard disk (to store backups and files), chargers, power strips and power adapters.
  • Headphones. They will allow you to listen to videos or audios in case you work in coworking or coliving places , such as the spaces we offer at Camping Armanello.
  • Mobile data. They are essential if you are in a hurry with the wifi connection and need to finish some work urgently. If you go to other countries, you should be careful with roaming and the high prices of mobile lines.
  • Cloud storage service. Drive, Dropbox or iCloud will be your greatest allies when it comes to having backup copies in the cloud, and being able to save your work without any risk.
  • Mobile applications. Some apps such as Booking, SkyScanner or AirBnB will speed up the process of finding a place to live when you are abroad.

What taxes does a digital nomad pay?

Taxation is one of the biggest concerns for those who want to move to the digital nomad life. To do this, you should know that the vast majority of countries use residence-based tax systems, so you will need to look at the number of annual days you have spent in each place to find out your tax obligations.

This is often referred to as the 183-day rule . If you reside for more than 183 days per year in a single country, they will determine that you are a tax resident in their territory, so you will have to pay taxes there. In addition to this, you must take into account the conditions of principal residence of the countries in which you reside, since some of them will consider you as a tax resident when your principal residence is registered in their territory.

Double taxation treaties should also be taken into account, as they will prevent you from having to pay twice for the same thing (in different countries). If the conditions are met and those two countries do not have a double taxation treaty, you will probably not be able to pay taxes to both nations.

Now you know what a digital nomad is, its types and how to become a professional with this lifestyle. Whatever your decision, do not hesitate to consult with the services of Camping Armanello, a space where you can enjoy privacy and the fundamental services for any remote worker.

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