The best inflatable mattresses: top 6

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Best inflatable mattresses for your home

Inflatable mattresses are not a type of furniture or sleeping equipment intended for continuous use, but they do offer great features in the event of a camping trip. In addition, they are also very versatile in homes, since they cover needs when there are guests.

Today we show you a selection of models that you can enjoy both in our facilities at Camping Armanello and in your own home. If you study each description in detail, we are convinced that you will find the best inflatable mattress to meet your needs.

How to choose the best inflatable mattress for your home

Inflatable mattresses are generally made of PVC and include a flocked top. They inflate in a few minutes and can be inflated manually or by means of a motorized air pump. Over the years, they have evolved to the point that today they can provide many different features: multiple inner laminated layers, integrated pillow, single or double height, and other options.

Some of the most essential features are those that allow comparison between models to facilitate decision making. Thus, the choice of the best inflatable mattress will be preceded by a thorough analysis of its firmness, surface, inflation and deflation time, the materials used for its manufacture and price. We look at some of these criteria in more detail.

Firmness of inflatable mattresses

When looking for a good mattress, it is important to ensure that it does not sink or become unbalanced when resting on one side or in a corner. Inflatable mattresses are lightweight mattresses that should be well designed to facilitate rest.

The surface

The current trend is to look for flocked surfaces with wavy texture. This makes the mattress more comfortable and, at the same time, the aesthetic appearance of the mattress is more elegant. When sleeping, look for models that are not uncomfortable and do not generate friction. Moreover, the structure must be water resistant.

Inflation and deflation speed

Electric mattresses, those with a motorized air pump, are faster to inflate. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for these. In addition, it is important that the valve is of good quality, because if it is very poor, the mattress will empty during the night. Some models incorporate two filling valves, manual and electric. If the chosen mattress requires more than three to five minutes to be fully inflated, it is not a good choice.

Mattress accessories

This criterion is secondary, but it can also help. If the mattresses include patches for repairs, bags to move them, integrated pump, pillow, neck support, side spaces to store belongings… their features are greater.

The four best inflatable mattresses

Once we know the characteristics that a good mattress should have, here is a small selection of models that meet all these requirements: they do not lose air, are made from resistant materials, inflate quickly and easily and offer low weight and reduced size when folded.

Intex 64414 Fibertech Comfortplus

Intex fibertech comfortplush colch n hinchable con bomba cama de aire doble con funda transporte camping

It is the best inflatable mattress OCU, that is, the one that best meets the characteristics that this organization of users considers essential. The mattress includes Fiber technology and offers a three-minute inflation time thanks to its electric pump. It has a unique rim structure that gives it a lot of firmness.

It is gray with flocking finish. The weight is 9 kilograms and its dimensions are 152 x 203 x 46 centimeters. Supports a maximum weight of 273 kilograms.

It can be found for sale on both Amazon and Aliexpress. It is very good value for money and very stable.

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe

Colchon intex queen ultra airbed fiber tech

Another two-person inflatable mattress from Intex with a soft, velvety surface. It is a model especially recommended for elderly people, due to its high height. It supports a weight of up to 273 kilograms, like the previous example, and is very wide. Its dimensions are similar to the Intex Fibertech Comfortplus.

The main material is PVC. Its surface is comfortable and resistant to punctures and pet scratches. Accessories include a repair patch kit.

Inflation time is 3 to 4 minutes. This mattress is electric, with integrated pump. At the same time, it incorporates a carrying bag for easy transport. The weight of the Intex Dura-Beam is 9 kilograms. It is one of the best Amazon inflatable mattresses.

Overmont single inflatable mattress

This model is for individual use and is intended for use at home as well as for outdoor experiences. It is a mattress very suitable for camping because of its compactness, small size and lightness. In addition, it is waterproof and puncture resistant.

It supports up to 182 kilograms of weight and offers a very good retention capacity. The only aspect that needs improvement is that it is not suitable for people taller than 1.85 meters. It is manually inflated, with a filling time of only three minutes.

It weighs only 1.2 kilograms and does not lose air after several days of use. It is also very easy to transport.

Idoo inflatable mattress

Colchon doble idoo

The latest proposal is the Idoo mattress. This model is practically a portable bed made of PVC. It offers a quick and easy inflation system . It is electric and its electric valve is of good quality. The inner part of the mattress is non-slip, which ensures a high degree of impermeability and comfort.

The side edges are reinforced to prevent falls. It is true that it is not very light, but it is less heavy than previous two-person models.

Its dimensions are similar to those of other mattresses already described, but it is superior to them in terms of support capacity, since it can support up to 295 kilograms of weight. A carrying and storage bag is included as an accessory.

Quechua ultim comfort self-inflating mattress

Colchon autoinflable 136x200 cm quechua ultim comfort 2 personas

Enjoy a mattress designed by experts, with 8 cm of height and for 2 people. It is self-inflating and the material is ultra-soft and comfortable.

It is designed to withstand a minimum of 200 inflation and deflation cycles. Enjoy its 200cm length and 136cm width for optimal space. One of the best options among the Decathlon inflatable mattresses.

What happens if I sleep a lot on an inflatable mattress? You expose yourself to the risk of the mattress losing air and becoming deformed, causing back pain, for example. Also to the rocking chair effect, which is produced by the fact that it is not very firm and one person moves in it, displacing the other person who sleeps in it.

Any of these may be the best inflatable mattress, as all models are of exceptional quality, have very resistant materials and offer a comfortable inflation system. We have to thank the inventor of inflatables, John Scurlock, because thanks to him we have these inventions. The choice of one or the other will depend on individual needs or budgetary constraints.

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