Vacations with teenagers: which are the best destinations?

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Vacations with teenagers
Tips for a vacation with teenagers in Spain

Vacations with teenagers can become a bit complicated if we have not chosen the right destination because, if they are not interested, they will spend the day on their cell phones or complaining because they want to go back home to be with their friends.

However, if we make the right choice, we will keep them entertained and enjoy an unforgettable family experience. So let’s see where we can go on vacation with teenagers in Spain, a great alternative to traveling to Europe with children.

Where to travel with teenagers in Spain


Barcelona can boast of being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, and it has an atmosphere that the youngest members of the family will love.

In addition, it has a good public transportation system, so we can leave them a little more freedom to move around the city at their own pace and discover by themselves some of its highlights.

In Barcelona you can enjoy the beach, stroll along the promenade, have a drink at the trendy terraces located on the rooftops of emblematic buildings, rent a bike to tour the city more comfortably, enjoy its impressive architectural heritage, or spend an afternoon shopping.


If you are attracted by the idea of spending a multi-adventure vacation with teenagers, any region of the Catalan or Aragonese Catalan or Aragonese Pyrenees is a good option.

You can stay in very quiet hotels or rural houses, in the middle of nature, and with almost no cell phone coverage. The days of relaxation can be alternated with other hiking trails, or visiting the villages of the area and discovering its curious architecture.

When you feel like a little more action, you will have many options at your disposal. From caving routes for the uninitiated in this activity, rafting down the river, zip lines, horseback riding, mountain biking routes, etc..


When it comes to where to go on vacation with teenagers, the Canary Islands are always a good choice, especially Tenerife. Because on this island there is everything to enjoy with the family.

You can rent a car and make your own road trip, discovering places that do not appear in the tourist guides.

The sea and the mountain will be waiting for you, as well as the Teide, which you can climb either on foot (it is a five or six hour walk) or by cable car. If you like walking, you will have no problem finding hundreds of different routes to walk, and there will always be one adapted to your level.

In addition, the island gives you the opportunity to enjoy water sports in the middle of the Atlantic, and also has an amusement park, zoo and Siam Park, one of the most renowned water parks in the world.

Why Benidorm is the perfect destination to go with your teenagers

If you are going on vacation with teenagers in the Benidorm beachlet us recommend you the beautiful city where our camping. Because we are in love with it and we want everyone to know it in depth and discover that it is much more than the crowded beaches that are usually shown on television.

Don’t get carried away by stereotypes, Benidorm is a place for young people, with hundreds of different things to do, and activities to suit different age groups. You can spend your vacations with teenagers in Galicia, of course, but first let us tell you what you can do with your teenagers in the city of skyscrapers.

Boat excursion

If your children have never ridden a boat, here they will find the perfect opportunity to do so. Daily there are several routes that go to the island of Benidorm. You can also take the boat and make an excursion to the island of Tabarca, whose crystalline waters are a Marine Reserve of the Mediterranean.

Enjoying the beach

Getting a free space on the beaches of the city is complicated, but you can enjoy coves and quieter corners in the surrounding municipalities. For example, the Almadrava cove, or the Paraíso beach in Villajoyosa.

Eating a good rice

It is no secret that teenagers love to eat and, since you are in Benidorm, you can not miss the opportunity to try an authentic Alicante rice and also the typical paellas of the area.

Enjoying the pubs

Benidorm has a lot of nightlife and there are both pubs and discos, each with its own style. Even the younger ones, who are not yet able to access these establishments, enjoy the atmosphere of the area.

Cable Ski

The city has the only water skiing circuit on the sea in Europe. You will learn wakeboarding or water skiing with a cable ski in the middle of Levante beach.

Adrenaline in the highest water attractions

If you like strong emotions, you should go up to Verti-Go in Aqualandia. Attractions that will make you smile between nerves and fun.

Water sports

Jet skis, kayak or paddle sup. You have multiple activities to have a great time with your children at sea.

Language learning

We are visited by people from all over the world, especially the British, and many of them come with their children. It won’t take long for yours to make friends with other young people their age, and it’s likely that many of them will be British, Dutch, German… They’ll have to practice their languages!

A vacation with teenagers can be an unforgettable experience, if you choose the right destination and make sure there are activities for them. If you have ever thought about what to do in Benidorm and you like camping, we are waiting for you in our facilities so you can live one of the best family experiences. And if you are a single parent we leave you an article about vacations for single parents.

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