Costa Blanca Trail: the 5 Challenges

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Costa blanca trail

Six peaks, eight towns in Alicante, excitement, adrenaline and, above all, a lot of passion for the sport. Every year, in the Valencian region, hundreds of running lovers gather to participate in one of the most special and unique races in the world: the Costa Blanca Trail.

Runners from all over the world visit our facilities every year. camping The idea of taking part in what is considered to be the most important the toughest race of the national circuit. And it is that the trail The Costa Blanca is known for pushing all participants to the limit, while allowing them to ride through some of the most impressive areas of Alicante and its natural environment.

What is the Costa Blanca Trail and where is it held?

This race is a marathon along the Costa Blanca, a supreme challenge, a reference among the adventure races that are held every year in different parts of the world.

With different types of tests, designed for a varied typology of athletes, this annual event is the perfect combination of sport, contact with nature, inland tourism and gastronomy. And, above all, it is an opportunity to make contact with thousands of athletes from all corners of the globe who share a passion: to test their physical strength.

The six races of the Costa Blanca Trail will take place this year 2022 on November 18, 19 and 20 and will take place, as usual, in the surroundings of Finestrat: Polop de la Marina, Benimantell, Benifato, Beniardá, Confrides and Sella.

If you already have one of the 2000 bibs available, or you are thinking about getting one of them, we tell you here everything you need to know about the race, organized by the Club de Montaña Reto 8000 of Elche and other clubs in the province of Alicante.

Why you should attend this event

When a fan of running in the countryside who is staying at our campsite asks us why they should sign up for the Costa Blanca Trail, the answer is obvious: because these races have everything a lover of this type of event could wish for.

To begin with, all the routes are designed to pass through at least one of the major peaks in the area. From Pico Seerella, 1319 meters, to the peak of Aitana, with 1558 meters. Those known as the six giants of the Marina Baixa will be the center of attention during the three-day event.

As if the challenge of overcoming the steep slopes of many meters were not enough, the long distances of the races should be added to the adventure. From the 101 kilometers of the main event, to the 20 kilometers of the less demanding event, ideal for those who are trying trail running for the first time.

And all this framed in a spectacular setting in the mountainous area of Alicante. Large rocky massifs coexist with the sea just a few meters away, which makes this a unique setting to leave your shoes on the routes.

The days spent with other athletes put the finishing touch to this experience. The atmosphere that is generated in the Costa Blanca Trail is so positive for the participants, that there are many who repeat every year just to meet up with friends they have made on the long mountain trails.

Types of races in the Costa Blanca Trail

This 2022, the Costa Blanca Trail has up to six different races in demand, times, routes and distance. In addition, one of these six routes is designed to be completed in relay mode.


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With a maximum of 25 hours to complete it, The Gran Trail Costa Blanca 101K is, without a doubt, the most demanding trail running event. It starts at the Puig Campana, in its vertical kilometer, and ends at the peak of the Sierra de Aitana, the highest point of the entire province of Alicante.

This race, which will take place on November 18 from 23:00 hours, passes through the six peaks of the Marina Baixa (Puig Campana, Mallada del Llop, Aitana, Pla de la Casa, Pico Serrella and Recingle Alt) and has up to 10 refreshment stations along the route. The race will provide 5 ITRA points, from the International Trail Running Association, qualifying for UTMB.

Results mychip GTCB 101K 2022

213:18:167:54219Achau, Sergio2VA-MVALERUNNERS


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75 kilometers await the participants who opt for the second longest modality of the Costa Blanca Trail, the Ultra Trail Costa Blanca. This is a very technical race that exposes participants to a positive elevation gain of 4,500 meters.

During the tour, you will pass by two of the most important peaks in the area, Puig Campana and Aitana. It must be completed in a maximum of 18 hours and 5 ITRA points will be obtained. This race can be done in the relay version.

Results mychip UTCB 75K 2022

308:55:027:081090Román García, Ricardo2SEN-MEXTREMADURA SPORT


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This modality, the Costa Blanca Marathon, will take the fans of this type of race to climb to the highest peak of Puig Campana. With three ITRA points for those who finish, the route passes through areas such as Racó de les Tovaines, Port de l’Arch and Goleró.

As in the two previous races, poles may be used, although they may not be left at any time or given to anyone, but must be carried until the end of the race.

Results mychip MCB 46K 2022

104:40:306:053296Monasor Romero de Tejada, Rodrigo1SEN-MCA GANDIA ALPESA / SALOMON SPAIN


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On Sunday, November 20, starting at 8:30 a.m., the 29K TPC(Trail Puig Campana) will kick off, a test that responds to the request of those who wanted to climb Puig Campana, but could not undergo tests of the demand of the previous ones.

This is the race for them: 29 kilometers and 2010 meters of positive elevation gain with a maximum time of six and a half hours to complete the course.

Results mychip Costa Blanca Trail: TPC 29K 2022

103:02:216:174026Sellés Seguí, Emili1VA-MCREVILLENT MARATHON – MACROVITAL 
303:07:076:274297Argandoña Taravilla, Cristian2SEN-MGOIERRI-GARAIA EKUON 


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This is the most suitable race for those who want to try it for the first time and also for those who want to do a race giving their all from the very first moment.

Only 20 kilometers, with a drop of only 1000 meters, will take you through the Coll del Pouet, the Coll de Llamp and the Coll de Sacarest that will make you go around the Puig Campana while you enjoy -even walking- the natural spectacle of the mountainous area of Alicante.

results mychip MTF 20K 2022

201:46:215:195362brotons muñoz, ruben2SEN-MC.E.MONT. AND HIKING WILD BOAR DORADOS
301:47:205:225130Gomez Pidal, Diego1VB-MC.E.MONT. AND HIKING WILD BOAR DORADOS

How you can register

The official website of the event is the place to go if you wish to register for any of the races. At the bottom of the home page, you will find a button to register.

To do so, you only have to choose the modality you choose, include your contact details and participant information, make the payment and get everything ready to travel to Alicante to participate in this unique adventure.

Accommodation during Costa Blanca Trail

Obviously, from our experience, using our accommodations in Benidorm as a base camp is one of the best options. A 15-minute drive away, with a perfect environment to train and enjoy the beach.

The Costa Blanca Trail has all the ingredients to become your favorite event of the year. Whether you have already tried it or you want this 2022 to be your first time, now is the time to sign up and start training to be ready for the challenge.

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