the best swiss army knife: top 10

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The best swiss army knife from a list of 10 multifunctional knives

Every self-respecting camper should have a kit of essential tools for day-to-day use on their trip to a campsite in Benidorm, in the jungle or during their vacation activities. Having the best Swiss Army Knife is almost a must for lovers of this type of tourism, as it is a very versatile tool that will get you out of more than one trouble.

The multipurpose capacity of the knife is its main feature: you will have in a small utensil a dozen tools that you can carry comfortably in any pocket at all times.

If you have the best utility knife on the market in your luggage, you will have a completely resistant and professional ally. But the market is full of options: which are the most suitable? We have prepared a top 10 of the best Swiss Army Knives so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Victorinox Hiker 13 in 1

Victorinox is a classic brand backed by the guarantee of being, for years, the main supplier of this type of gadgets to the market. With seven tools and more than 13 functions, this model derives from more than 100 years of refinement in search of the perfect knife.

It is a safe bet to accompany you on your excursions. It will come in handy whether you’re setting up your tent or cutting food for a picnic. Any simple job will be more than covered by this Victorinox Swiss Army Knife model, which was the brand used by McGyver in his series.

Victorinox Deluxe Tinker 17 in 1

The more professional campers, who are looking for a more efficient multi-purpose tool, can continue to rely on the Vitorinox brand with the V14723 model. This piece of Swiss craftsmanship stands out for having a lock on the main blade and for incorporating additional elements such as the hook or the scissors, pliers and Philips screwdriver.

Its quality blades are ideal for any regular hiking or camping job: they are sharp enough to tackle many different scenarios.

Victorinox Swisschamp black 33 in 1

We continue our review of the huge range of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives with the Swisschamp model, which is at the top of the top of the brand. With this beautiful gadget you will be able to strip wires, saw metal or remove fish scales without any problem.

This model has the following uses: reamer and threader punch, stainless steel ring, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, multi-purpose hook, large blade, mini screwdriver, small blade, corkscrew, can opener with small screwdriver, among others.

Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X 26 in 1

Victorinox swiss tool spirit x

A delight. This is the best description of Vitorinox’s most professional model, a true beauty coveted by the greatest lovers of the camping world.

Absolutely lightweight, the power of its various tools is such that even small branches can be sawed in no time. It is considered by many users as the ultimate Swiss Army knife: the highest Vitorinox standards at the service of a design perfectly designed to seduce the camper.

Decathlon Swiss Army Knife Solognac 7 in 1 hunting knife

Navaja multiusos caza solognac 7 funciones mango naranja

Much simpler in terms of elements, but very demanding in terms of those it contains, this multi-purpose knife is mainly used by hunting enthusiasts, although it will do very well in any other scenario.

It has seven functions such as saw, bottle opener, can opener and flat screwdriver. And it stands out for its ergonomic handle, light weight and compact size. Another point of interest is that the metallic materials are made of moisture-resistant stainless steel, so in the field it will not degrade in the slightest.

Quechua 5 in 1 multifunctional camping trekking knife

Navaja multifuncion camping trekking senderismo quechua azul bloqueo de hoja

With blade lock, bottle opener and corkscrew, this is a multi-purpose knife designed for everyday camping use. Sturdy and safe – thanks to its blade locking function – its structure is made of stainless steel and is very comfortable to use, especially because it is easy to sharpen.

Daicamping 17 in 1 Multi-Purpose Knife Pliers

Daicamping cuchillo plegable multifuncional navaja suiza multiherramientas herramientas de mano equipo de acampada dl12 7cr17mov

This model is on every list of the best Swiss Army Knife on the market, as it is useful both for a small excursion in the countryside and for most tasks that can be done on board a ship. It is the multi-purpose knife for true adventure lovers.

With 14 functions, including files, screwdrivers with different nozzles or blades, it will surprise you with its robustness and light weight. You will hardly notice it in your pocket.

Swiss Army Knife Leatherman Wafe Plus Multifunction 18 in 1

Leatherman wave plus multiherramienta 18 en 1

With a contemporary design and a fully ergonomic handle, this multifunction knife is designed to be the best companion for outdoor travel.

It has up to five types of blades, some of them with teeth, to adapt to all types of jobs. You will be able to do everything from DIY to survival… Hence the high price.

Amazon STANLEY 14 in 1 Swiss Army knife

Stanley multiusos 14 en 1

The Stanley brand also has one of the most characteristic utility knives. The manufacturer has put all its experience in the manufacture of DIY and construction tools into this small device, which stands out for its bit holder wrench, capable of adapting to different types of screwdrivers and bits.

THIRD Multifunction Knife

Third multifuncion navaja 6 funciones

The THIRD model we present is different from the previous ones, but also very interesting for those who enjoy eating out and picnics in the high mountains. It is a Swiss Army knife full of cutlery. In it you will find spoon, fork, several knives and openers of all kinds, so that no dish or bottle can resist you.

Why is it called Swiss army knife? Since 1981 when Karl Elsener created the first Swiss army knife for his country’s army, there has been a lot of evolution of materials but not of the main idea. The original Swiss Army knife consisted of a blade, screwdriver, punch and can opener.

These are the most popular models of multifunction tools today. Among the list of multifunction knives that we leave you, we are sure you can find the best Swiss Army Knife for your interests and objectives, and you will discover the benefits of having this essential aid in your day-to-day camping.

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