Hiking in Benidorm, the 4 routes in Sierra Helada

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View from albir lighthouse, serra gelada (benidorm - alicante)

Discover the hiking trails in Serra Gelada. These routes in Benidorm, with 300-meter cliffs or on paved trails, will give the whole family the opportunity to discover the natural park and spectacular views.

Blue Route Hiking: Punta de Cavall or Torre de les Caletes

Route through the sierra helada natural park

We start with the first route through Benidorm. It runs through the Natural Park of Sierra Helada (Serra Gelada in Valencian), at a distance of 900m from the campsite.


5,2km (Roundtrip), plus 700m from Tio Ximo’s cove

Approximate duration:

2h to 2h 30′.

Elevation and difficulty of the route:

75m, Low difficulty


Asphalted itinerary – Hiking – Cycling – Wheelchairs

Itinerary of the blue route from the camping site

We will head towards the end of the Levante beach, at its farthest point from the city, in front of the Cable-Ski. We will go up the slope leading to the Benikaktus hotel, on Alcalde Manuél Catalán street. Along the asphalt road we will leave on the left the crossroad that goes to La Cruz and we will continue until we find a detour that goes down to the viewpoint of Punta Llisera and the Cala del Tío Ximo.

1. Tio Ximo Cove

The cove of Tío Ximo is a cove, near Levante Beach, which owes its name to a man who exploited an ochre mine in that area and who was popularly known as Tío Ximo (common Valencian name).


After our short visit to Cala del Tí Ximo, we will go back a little bit and on the right hand side, to a road with restricted access to motor vehicles, where we will go to the Cavall point, where we will be able to see the 17th century watch tower, the Caletes Tower. We will be able to see the cliffs of Sierra Helada and L’Illa Mitjana (middle island). Both this tower and Punta Bombarda in Albir were watchtowers built to guard against Berber pirate attacks, very frequent in medieval times.

Red Route: La Cruz

Route to the cross of benidorm from levante

We continue with the second hiking route through Benidorm. The route to the Cross of Benidorm is probably the best known and quite simple route for the whole family. We will start from the Avenida del Mediterráneo or the end of the Levante Beach.


5km (Round Trip)

Approximate duration:


Elevation and difficulty of the route:

237m, Low difficulty


Car – bicycle – on foot. Asphalted track.

Itinerary of the red route from the camping site

We go to the end of the Avenida del Mediterráneo, to go up Berlin street (direction forbidden for cars) or to the end of the Levante beach.

Berlin Street Option

We go up the street to a crossroads, from there to the Sierra Dorada Apartments on the right hand side.

2. Levante Beach Option

In this option we go up Hamburgo street and turn left at the first intersection, towards Castell de Mar, where we would link up with the previous one. From this point the ascent will delight us with beautiful “3″ views. We climb to the left up to step “4″.

3. End of journey

We arrived at the Cross. Traditionally romantic place where you can contemplate one of the best views of Benidorm, a great place to take pictures.

Yellow Route: The Sierra Helada Crossing

Route through sierra helada benidorm for hiking
We finish our routes through Benidorm with the longest and most spectacular crossing. From Albir (Alfaz del Pi) to the Benidorm Cross. From point 1 we can go to the Faro del Albir. Not suitable for children.

8km (One way)

Approximate duration:

4h A 4.30

Elevation and difficulty of the route:

438m, moderate-high difficulty


Walking only, hiking

Itinerary to the yellow hiking trail from the campsite

We drive to the end of Avda. Mediterráneo, to go up Berlin street (direction forbidden for cars) or at the end of Levante beach. To start the RED ROUTE and link with the YELLOW ROUTE.

The other option is to go to El Albir, to the recreational area, point “1″ yellow. Steady zig-zag uphill until reaching the repeater and antennas, passing by the old quarry.

Alt del Governador

At the end of this trail you reach the highest point of Sierra Helada, at 438m, with the repeaters and communications antennas.

2. L’Illa Mitjana or Medium Island

We pass an old guard house and a small cistern, until we reach the halfway point. We will be able to see the Mediana Island. Pay attention to the cliffs, the fossil dunes. They will remind us of sand dunes, but erosion has turned these rocks into something unique in the province of Alicante.

4. The Cross

We arrived at the Cross. From here we can return or start the descent along the RED ROUTE to the Rincón de Loix at points 1 or 2 and return to the campsite to rest.

Route to the Albir Lighthouse

The last hiking route of the Serra Gelada is the Faro del Albir. It is a paved track from start to finish, which runs along the mountain and with incredible views.

5km (Round trip)

Approximate duration:

1h to 2h

Elevation and difficulty of the route:

100m, low difficulty | Route in Wikiloc


On foot, wheelchair and baby strollers.

Itinerary to the lighthouse from the campsite

1. Parking

We will drive to the access parking lot and the entrance. Location of the parking lot.

2. Entrance

We will go to the entrance and after 25m we will find a fork. If we go to the right we will go up to the repeater and to the left and flat we will continue towards the tunnel and the Albir lighthouse.

4. The lighthouse and the interpretation center

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