8 Natural pools in Alicante to get lost

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Disfrutando piscinas naturales

If you like to spend time in nature we have for you this article about the best natural pools in Alicante, water pools, rivers and reservoirs.

It is worth leaving the campsite for a day with the car and go to one of the corners of Alicante with a bathing area. Because the Valencian Community and Alicante are much more than sun and beach area . There are many rivers to bathe in the province of Alicante, with natural waterfalls and fountains.

The long Vinalopó river, the Guadalest river, the Algar river or the Serpis river will help us to pass the summer heat with a dip in the shade of poplars. A nice vacation with family, as a couple or with friends.


Gorg is a word in Valencian and means pond in Spanish. So we are in front of the Poza del Salto. We will find it in Planes, in the Barranco de la Encantada. Some natural pools to start with!

It is a very busy place in hot weather, so it is recommended to get up early if we intend to park and be allowed to enter. If you don’t want to make the trip at all you know. In addition, by getting up early you will be able to take some amazing photos for your family vacation album.

It has a waterfall that forms a natural lake. Do not expect crystal clear water because moving water and people do not allow it.

Gorg del salt en planes


Continuing with the translations, we come across the Mill that is always in the Shadow, in the Umbria. We find it in Bañeres, next to Sierra de Mariola, birthplace of the Vinalopó river. We are still in the province of Alicante, almost touching Valencia. An amazing place if you are looking for a bathing getaway.

The most important and longest of Alicante’s rivers passes through here. Here we will find crystal clear and clean waters, picnic area and camping for tents (previous reservation). If you are looking to escape from the beach, here you have your little green “lakes” as an alternative.

Moli de l


Near Alcoy we find this natural jewel. A whole area of waterfalls and pools that will take us to the Racó de Sant Bonaventura. We are located in the upper stretch of the Polop river, with water every day of the year.

We will have to go to Alcoy, and once there the best way to get there is the hiking route of Els Canalons – Racó de Sant Bonaventura, where we will take the greenway of Batoy.

If you like aquifers or springs you can look for the source of the Molinar river and the itinerary along the Agres river.

Route towards raco san bonaventura in alcoy


Xixona or Jijona is not only good nougat. With easy access we will find this natural pool, surrounded by native plants such as baladre. The Salt de Xixona is in the course of the river of La Torre de les Maçanes and has a waterfall of more than 20 meters.

How to get to Salt de Jijona? To find the route of the jump we will have to go to Jijona (obviously), take the road to the cemetery, pass the institute and follow the signs to “El Salt”. You can leave the car in the high school area and walk.

Salt de xixona, one of the most popular natural pools in alicante


In Sella we will find another recreational area with camping area and picnic tables. Easily accessible, we will reach the bathing areas. It is not a very large bathing area, but it is deep. You can enjoy the typical vegetation of the interior of the province of Alicante: holm oak, pine trees, carob trees…

To get there you will have to take the north exit of Sella, take the road that goes to Penáguila and Benifallim and the Font Major will be signposted.

Font major de sella


The Fuentes del Algar are an obligatory stop. In Callosa D’En Sarrià we have the Algar river, which gives its name to this tourist attraction full of waterfalls and pools or“tolls”. Thousands of tourists and local people enjoy year after year some very cold baths. In this place you will have to pay 4 euros per adult and 3 euros per child, approximately.

You can go up the trail, perfectly conditioned, going up the river and choosing the deepest or shallowest water pools that interest you the most to stay. In Valencian the pools of water are called Tolls. Enjoy waterfalls and tolls to cool off and try to avoid weekends, because of the crowds.

Alternative: L’Estret de Les Penyes or Salto del Barranco de Bolulla

We are talking about the Algar river and its tributaries. The Bolulla River, very close to Les Fonts de L’Algar, offers you a free alternative. Crystal clear water pools, natural slides and a beautiful waterfall that will delight instagramers. And how do I get to the Bolulla River Salt? Well, very easy, we leave you the link to the Wikiloc route.

Jump from toll at fonts de l


Bathing area near the bridge of Lorcha, to enjoy the Serpis river while doing the route between Villalonga to L’Orxa (Lorcha). There you will find its famous bridge. Here you will not have waterfalls full of people and is one of the quietest areas of the province of Alicante to bathe in the middle of nature.

Serpis river greenway route from villalonga to lorcha


The Guadalest reservoir is a popular swimming area for those looking for natural pools. But the swamp is very deep, up to 75m, and does not have (like the rest of the areas) a lifeguard. Near the shore is perfect, but not suitable for swimming and wading. It is a wonderful place to take a dip and cool off, even if there are no waterfalls or the waters are not crystal clear.

The bathing areas are much more accessible on the left bank of the river. One of the best known places is at the tail of the reservoir, near Beniardà. Rural but accessible roads.

If you like this area, you should visit one of the most visited places in Alicante and the Valencian Community: Guadalest. We leave you an article we made about what to see in Guadalest, including its castle.

Panoramic view castell de guadalest and reservoir
Panoramic view Castell de Guadalest and Reservoir


The natural pools in Alicante do not have lifeguards, but regardless of this there are a number of precautions to take into account if we go with small children or adults:

  • Children should know how to swim properly
  • Avoid dangerous areas
  • Respecting the rules
  • Avoid jumping into pools from great heights.
  • Check the weather forecast for the day
  • We must only swim in authorized areas
  • Carry a small first aid kit in your backpack.
  • No fire allowed
  • No folding chairs and tables
  • Footwear suitable for rocks and water

Throughout the province of Alicante you can find the so-called Blue Routes, with aquifers, springs and wonderful hidden places. We are open all year round, winter and summer. And remember that if you are looking for rural houses, the campsite has Bungalows, which can be a great alternative (wink wink). Don’t stay at home with the family, go out and visit the wild nature of the province of Alicante, which has nothing to envy to the rural environments of Valencia.

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