Travel adapter for Spain

The United Kingdom uses a plug quite different from Spanish plugs. Be very careful when traveling, because you can stay without plugging in anything if you are not careful.

We hope this post helps you clarify your doubts and have a trip without incident. And next time try a camping in Benidorm (Wink wink).

Plug in Spain, the Schuko

In Spain we use the plug called schuko (from German Schu < / strong> tz ko ntakt). It is the so-called “type F”, CEE 7/3 socket and CEE 7/4 plug. We put a world map of plugs a little lower, so that it is clear.

In Europe (with the exception of the United Kingdom) types C, E and F are used and are generally compatible with each other.

enchufe schuko macho hembra España

British plugs

The plugs for Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales are all the same and you have to buy an adapter if we travel to these countries and regions. It differs from the European plug by:

  • the shape of the connector.
  • three flat pins. A longer pin (ground) that unlocks the entrance for the other two shorter pins.
  • The connector has a fuse inside that protects against power surges.

Enchufe inglés, estándar en el Reino Unido

Buy Spanish plug adapter

Podemos comprar adaptadores de corriente en:

  • any Chinese trade.
  • hardware store.
  • electronics stores.
  • DIY stores.

You can choose between simple power adapters for this trip, or universal adapters that will serve you anywhere in the world. We will start with the famous “plug” Spanish – English.

UK to Spanish plug adapter

UK to Spanish plug adapter

Buy Universal plug adapter

With this adapter you can travel to 99% of the countries of the world and consist of a mechanism to deploy different pins and with transformer included. For less than 20 euros you get an adapter and a power strip and solved!


The sockets are distinguished mainly by the position where the ground is located and the number and shape of the connectors.

Mapa Mundial de enchufes por países

Mapa Mundial de enchufes por países

As you can see, the schuko we use in Spain is widespread. Type G is not only limited to England, but to areas that were once colonies of the United Kingdom. But remember that voltage is also important when traveling. Your devices will work at 22oV, so be careful when traveling across the pond.


At European level we share voltages and frequencies, so that electrical appliances can work without problem once the issue of the plug adapter is solved.

mapa mundial voltajes

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