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English plug to travel to United Kingdom

The UK uses the “English plug”, which is quite different from the Spanish plugs. Be careful when traveling, because you may not be able to plug anything in if you are not cautious.

We hope this post will help you clarify your doubts and have a smooth trip. And next time try a campsite in Benidorm (Wink Wink).

Socket in Spain, the Schuko

In Spain we use the socket called schuko (from the German Schutzkontakt). It is the so-called “type F”, CEE 7/3 socket and CEE 7/4 plug. We put a world map of sockets below, to make it clear.

In Europe (excluding the United Kingdom), types C, E and F are used and are generally compatible with each other.

Normal schuko plug

British plugs

The plugs for Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales are all the same and an adapter must be purchased if traveling to these countries and regions. It differs from the European plug by:

  • the shape of the connector.
  • three flat pins. A longer pin (ground) that unlocks the input for the other two shorter pins.
  • The connector has a fuse inside to protect against power surges.
English plug

Buy English plug adapter

Power adapters can be purchased at:

  • any Chinese retailer.
  • hardware.
  • electronics stores: MediaMarkt, Worten or others.
  • DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin.

You can choose between simple power adapters for this trip, or universal adapters that will fit anywhere in the world. We will start with the famous Spanish-English “plug”.

Single european to uk adapter
Single European to UK adapter

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Buy Universal plug adapter

With this adapter you can travel to 99% of the countries of the world and consist of a mechanism to deploy different pins and transformer included. For less than 20 euros you get an adapter and a power strip and that’s it!

RebajasBestseller No. 1
Amoner Adaptador Enchufe De Viaje Universal Enchufe Adaptador Internacional con Dos Puertos USB para USA Europa UK Irlanda Tailandia AU Japón China Canadá
  • 【Adaptador Universal】Este adaptador universal conecta dispositivos con enchufes europeos/estadounidenses/británicos con el enchufe del país de destino. Cuando viaja a diferentes países, solo se necesita un cargador para cargar sus dispositivos, no es necesario llevar otros adaptadores de corriente.
  • 【Destinos Compatibles】 El cargador de viaje Amoner incluye enchufes tipo C, tipo G, tipo A y tipo I, que se pueden usar en la UE, Reino Unido, EE. UU., Irlanda, Japón, Canadá, Dubái, Maldivas, Malasia, Singapur, Australia, Ghana , Hong Kong, Kenia, Macao, Arabia Saudita, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, etc. Si no está seguro de si se aplica su destino de viaje, no dude en consultarnos.
  • 【Especificaciones】La tasa máxima de salida de CA es de 1440 W. 2 puertos de carga USB-A 2.1A. Rango de voltaje de entrada: 100V-240V. Este cargador no convierte voltaje. Si necesita cargar dispositivos de más de 1500 W o necesita una carga rápida USB-C, elija nuestro cargador de viaje de 2 KW/35 W.
  • 【Diseño portátil】 Con un diseño plegable, el cargador de viaje Amoner puede ahorrar mucho espacio en su equipaje y no tiene que preocuparse de que el enchufe se deforme o dañe su ropa. El cargador de viaje de Amoner es compacto y ligero, solo 8,6 x 5,5 x 5,5 cm, muy adecuado para viajar.
  • 【Carga segura】Chip de carga inteligente incorporado que optimiza automáticamente la eficiencia de carga y protege la batería de su dispositivo contra sobrecargas, sobredescargas y sobrecalentamientos, lo que garantiza una carga segura y eficiente.


The main differences between sockets are the position of the grounding point and the number and shape of the connectors.

World map of plugs by country
World map of plugs by country

As you can see, the schuko we use in Spain is very widespread. Type G is not only limited to England, but to areas that were once colonies of the United Kingdom. But remember that voltage is also important when traveling. Your devices will operate at 22oV, so be careful when traveling across the pond.


At the European level we share voltages and frequencies, so electrical appliances can work without any problem once the plug adapter issue has been solved.

World map voltages

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