What to see in Campello

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What to see in campello

The Levantine coast has so much to offer that a single trip is not enough for the tourists who come to this sea area every year. Many of the travelers who stay at our campsite ask us for places to enjoy their vacations, and one of the star destinations we always recommend is Campello.

Located just half an hour from our facilities, this coastal town is perfect for spending the day in both winter and summer. It has so many things to see and do, that it makes for the perfect excursion. Want to know what to see in Campello? Don’t know how to get to the municipality? Are you interested in its museums, beaches and monuments?

We have prepared a guide for you to know what to do in Campello, especially if you are going to spend some relaxing days in our campsite and want to expand your leisure and tourism options. Get out paper and pencil and leave nothing undone!

How to get to Campello

Going to Campello is comfortable, fast and safe. You will simply have to start your vehicle and take a ride of no more than half an hour from our campsite. The fastest and most convenient option is to take the AP-7 highway from Benidorm towards Alicante, the province in which this municipality is located. You have to drive along this road for about 27 kilometers until you find exit 676, which you should take, as it leads directly to the Plaza de la Constitución, one of the central points of the city.

Another possibility to go to Campello is to use the national road N-332, which follows a route parallel to the highway. It can be taken even closer to our facilities and, after a journey of 31 kilometers, the trip ends by following the traffic signs that lead to the village and also lead quite directly to the aforementioned square.

These are the two fastest and most direct ways to reach this municipality, which is part of the nucleus of influence of the capital of the province of Alicante. However, it is also possible to choose to travel by bus and train, although in this case the trip can take up to one hour and twenty minutes. And that is why it is a less recommended option.

What to visit in Campello

Once you know how to visit it, you may be wondering what to visit in Campello. Undoubtedly, the beach will be one of the star options, but the town, of less than 30,000 inhabitants, offers much, much more for the tourist.

These are some of the plans that we consider essential for those who are wondering what to see in Campello to make a complete and entertaining route.

The beaches of Campello

No more and no less than 23 kilometers of beach are waiting for travelers who set foot in Campello. Precisely, the quality of its sands and waters make this enclave one of the most visited on the Costa Blanca. For this, you only have to go to areas such as Cala del Morro Blanc or Cala D’enmig to realize how fabulous is the sea that bathes this city .

They are, for the most part, small corners with few people and that offer a pure, natural and quiet bathing. In addition, they are recommended areas to enjoy a unique sunset in the whole Levante coast.

Of all the beaches in the area, Les Palmeretes, Mucha Vista and Coveta Fumà, Campello residents always recommend Llop Marí, from where you can also access a cave. They are ideal spaces both in summer and in autumn and winter, when they are even quieter and allow you to stroll and contemplate the sea unaccompanied.

The port and marine sports

Like almost all coastal towns, Campello has a very interesting port both for sailing lovers and for those who want to have a bit of fun with the most rogue part of summer tourism: water sports.

The city’s yacht club has an excellent offer for all tastes and profiles. There you can rent jet skis, jet surf or even book surfing or parasailing lessons .

All this is focused on completing a day at the beach with adrenaline-filled activities. The characteristics of the coast and the sea of Campello make this a very suitable place to practice all these disciplines.

Illeta Tower

You can also call it Torre de la Saleta or Torre de la Illeta de L’Horta. It is a watchtower of the sixteenth century, like so many others on the coast of Alicante. We have already talked about this in other posts such as what to see in Villajoyosa.

To visit the Torre de la Illeta you can talk to the tourist office of El Campello, as they conduct guided tours from time to time or visit the website of Turismo Campello visits.

Image of the illeta de campello tower with the voramar sculpture.
Image of Turismo Campello

Coastal walks

The promenade and the Voramar promenade are perfect to enjoy a quiet and relaxing walk while contemplating the sea and enjoying the sound of the waves. These are two areas (the first more urban, the second more natural), through which thousands of people pass every day looking to move their skeletons and get away from the daily rhythm.

Fishermen’s houses, sculptures and, above all, the Mediterranean Sea in all its extension, are part of the landscape that can be enjoyed from both promenades.

The Queen’s baths (Campello)

Do not confuse the baths of the queen of Campello with those of Calpe or Jávea (Xàbia). These Roman ruins are part of the Illeta del Banyets (Islita de los baños), which are ruins of coastal temples that were once used for bathing.

Queen's baths in el campello
Photo of the Queen’s Baths in El Campello

Villa Marco farm: a little piece of history

If you go to Campello, on your arrival or departure, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Villa Marco estate. It is a residence built based on the parameters of modernist architecture and has dreamy gardens in which to get lost.

It has very limited opening hours, but by calling the tourist office of the city it is possible to find out when you can visit and enjoy a unique architectural spectacle in the area .

The church of Santa Teresa and the hermitage of the Virgen del Carmen

Two icons of the town’s architecture are the church of Santa Teresa and the hermitage of the Virgen del Carmen. These two temples, simple and humble, are the best example of the character of a fishing village that relies on tradition.

The visit to the spaces is brief and allows you both to rest from sun and beach tourism and to meet one of the most beloved figures by the inhabitants of the village: the Stella Maris, the patron virgin of the seas.


These are the main points of interest to see in Campello. To all this, we can add the architecture of the city itself, where the original and unique fishermen’s houses stand out, as well as a great gastronomic offer that is maintained during the fall and winter, and that make groups of friends or people who spend the cold seasons in the area can enjoy like never before.

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