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Valor Chocolates Factory: visit it to learn all its secrets

Fabrica de chocolates valor

Chocolate samples at the Valor factory visit

One of the reasons that invites you to visit our campsites, beyond the proximity to the Costa Blanca and the rich landscape of the Marina Baja, with the Sierra de Aitana as the main protagonist, is the wide range of cultural and gastronomic attractions nearby. One of them is a visit to the Chocolates Valor factory, which is located in the neighboring town of Villajoyosa.

Chocolate lovers have in this Valor factory in Villajoyosa the perfect excuse to satisfy all their sweet and cocoa desires. At Camping Armanello, we always recommend our guests and campers to go beyond sun and beach tourism during their stay on the Costa Blanca, so soaking up the chocolate culture of this company is one of our most repeated proposals.

History of Valor Chocolates

A visit to Chocolates Valor will help you understand how Villajoyosa has been interconnected with cocoa for more than a century. This town in Alicante has a long history with the fishing routes and crossings with America, which allowed the arrival of cocoa, salted fish, almonds and exotic products.

The first chocolate maker in Villajoyosa opens the first chocolate factory in 1810. Its name was “Perfection”. During the first half of the 19th century, other factories appeared until, decades later, the Valor company was inaugurated. The family’s history began in 1881, with the founder Valeriano López Lloret.

His son, Vicente López Soler, continued with the family business and was the first to open a commercial route for Chocolates Valor between Villajoyosa and Madrid. In the first decades of the 20th century, advances continue to take place, such as improvements in factory and distribution, electricity arrived, and employment is extended to others outside the family.

A brand recognized throughout Spain

The passing of the decades, together with the unceasing activity of this company, has allowed Chocolates Valor to become a very recognizable brand throughout Spain. Starting in the 1960s, Valor adopted the quality strategy as one of its hallmarks. So much so that in 1967 it launched Pure Chocolate on the market.

All these steps are aimed at continuing with the modernization, which also leads to the renewal of the management team, the expansion of the facilities and the introduction of new products for sale.

In the 20th century, the company’s managers have maintained their firm commitment to innovation. This is present through the launch of sugar-free chocolate, or the modernization of the logo, packaging and messages that are launched to its customers.

Chocolates Valor has been growing steadily over time for more than 140 years. Currently, its products are marketed in 45 countries around the world, including as far away as Australia, Japan, Argentina, Canada and the United States. And the origin of all this is in Villajoyosa, just 20 minutes from our facilities at Camping Armanello.

How to visit the Chocolates Valor factory

Entrance to the "valor" factory
Entrance to the “Valor” factory

The Villajoyosa chocolate factory is located in Avinguda Pianista Gonzalo Soriano, in the same municipality. To get there you have to get a ticket at the entrance. Admission is free. The visits have a maximum capacity of 25 people and include two stages, the factory itself and the House Museum.

Visit to Chocolates Valor: House Museum

In the museum, first of all, there is an exhibition room where the history of cocoa, the fruit from which chocolate is obtained, is shown. Here we explain how this product is produced, when it was discovered and how it is processed into chocolate.

Later on, we move on to an audiovisual room where an explanation of Valor and its history begins. The Valor Chocolate Museum was inaugurated in 1998. 10 years later, the Generalitat Valenciana recognized it as the Valencian Chocolate Museum.

Valor chocolate factory

The visit to the factory is made through a glass window from an elevated area. During the tour, the guides explain step by step how all the products that come out of the Chocolates Valor factory are made. For hygienic reasons, access to the work floor is not possible, but it is very hypnotic to see the employees and machines in full operation.

This tour is especially surprising because of the intense smell of chocolate that fills everything. Visitors must wear a protective uniform. The visit ends with a product tasting area and the possibility of purchasing Valor chocolates before leaving the facilities.

A visit to the Valor factory will add that sweet spot to your stay at Camping Armanello. The presence of this centenary company in Villajoyosa is one more proof that the Marina Baja is much more than an infinity of beaches to sunbathe and enjoy the Mediterranean.

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