Calpe’s coves: discover all its charms

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Calas de calpe

The Alicante area has some of the best beaches of the Costa Blanca. Practically every corner of the region facing the sea offers dozens of perfect spots for tourists and locals to bathe: from quiet coves to enjoy the sea in solitude to family beaches where you can spend endless summer days.

The coves of Calpe are part of that selection of unique spaces for their beauty, which each year receive tens of thousands of tourists in both summer and winter. In any travel route through the best coves of Calpe must be present.

But What are those bathing areas that you must visit if you are in the area? This is a selection of the most famous, beloved and perfect coves in Calpe to provide you with an itinerary of ten if you are going to be in the province and you are going to visit one of the favorite coastal towns of vacationers in this corner of the Valencian Community.

List of Calpe’s coves

There are up to 14 coves and beaches that are counted within the municipal territory of Calpe. The municipality, with almost 13 kilometers of coastline, is so popular because the bathing areas are divided into many different types in environments: natural coves, accessible white sandy beaches, areas that can only be accessed on foot…, and these are some of the most famous coves.

Manzanera Cove

Manzanera cove in calpe

Cala Manzanera in Calpe is one of the most desired areas for sea lovers. Transparent waters, a completely natural space sheltered behind a wooded area and cliffs, wonderful views and a beautiful architectural work of art make this a special place.

It is a pebble cove, so it is a for bathing it is advisable to wear booties. or any other swimming shoes, but otherwise it is perfect for couples, groups of friends or families looking for the tranquility of a day of connection with the salt water.

The area is under the Red Wall, an architectural miracle by the artist Ricardo Bofill, which integrates perfectly and organically with the natural environment of the beach. It also inspired part of the series “The Squid Game”.

The red wall in calpe, inspiration of the squid game

Being a cove that goes almost unnoticed for most people, access can be made by car almost to a few meters from the sea.

La Calalga Cove

Calpe cove called calalga

We return to think of quiet, natural and beautiful surroundings with Cala la Calalga, considered by many as the best cove in Calpe. Of small dimensions and surrounded by a rocky environment that gives a “Martian” touch to the area, this beach is one of the coves in Calpe of coarse sand and rocks, although in the area near the sea you can find areas of fine sand.

The most impressive thing about Calalga is that the water is almost crystal clear; its transparency makes many people choose this cove for snorkeling and enjoy the contemplation of fish, starfish, seaweed and many other marine species that inhabit the area. An essential visit among the coves of Calpe.

Mallorquí Cove

Picture of another cove in calpe, the mallorquin cove

Looking for hidden coves in Calpe? La Cala del Mallorquí is a virgin cove located very close to the previous one, in the direction of the marina. Reaching it is quite difficult, as there are almost no marked routes and the road seems to “hide” to the curious who do not try to look for it with real interest.

Why does Cala del Mallorquí stand out?

Because it is a perfect choice for those who want to take a bath with children and want to make sure that they are safe due to the low undertow, the virtual absence of waves and the stability of a floor composed of stones.

The residents of Calpe say that all tourists who come to this natural area do not hesitate to use an adjective such as “magical” to describe it.

Puerto Blanco Cove / Beach

Beach or small cove puerto blanco in calp

More urban and less wild is Cala Puerto Blanco, a small piece of sea where polished stones and sand coexist to offer a comfortable beach for swimming, very close to the marina of the same name.

This cove has a total length of just 100 meters and a width that does not exceed 10 meters. Being more accessible, it has public services in summer, ranging from toilets to footbaths, through surveillance and lifeguard service.

It is a very familiar beach, which can be reached very easily from any point of the municipality in just a few minutes.

Racó Cove

El racó cove in calp

Cala el Racó is at the foot of the natural park of the Peñón de Ifach. Recommended for an adult audience, as its waters are more choppy than in other parts of the municipality, this beach is almost a piece of paradise on earth.

The views from its land area are incredible and, although it is small, it is one of the most popular places for the inhabitants of the city. It is a cove that has all the public services in bathing season and is among the most popular of all the Community of Valencia.

Les Bassettes Cove

Bassetes cove in calpe

Next to the Bassettes marina you reach this small cove, which is chosen by dozens of divers every day to discover the secrets of the deep sea.

It is an urban cove, easily accessible, which is wonderful for swimming because its own shape protects the cove from the waves and makes the waters calm. This, added to the crystalline waters, accumulates all the ingredients to make Les Bassetes an almost Caribbean beach.

Morelló Cove and the Queen’s Baths

Cala morello banyos reina calpe

A cove of more than 50 meters where you will find the archaeological sites of the Queen’s baths. Not to be confused with the baths of the Queen of El Campello.

These are some of the main Calas of Calpe. Each one different from the others, they allow tourists arriving in the municipality to try a different coastal area every day. You also have others like Cala Penyal, which is nudist. If this is your option, we leave you a list of the main nudist beaches in Alicante.

The atmosphere of the municipality, the gastronomic offer, the cultural richness of the area and, above all, each of the coves of Calpe make this, by right, one of the most beloved corners of the Costa Blanca. to spend vacations in summer, autumn and winter. Also, do not hesitate to stay in one of our campsites to enjoy an even more complete experience, just 30 minutes away by car you can visit these coves and live an unforgettable vacation.

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