12 Incredible towns on the Costa Blanca of Alicante

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The province of Alicante is full of beaches and coves with crystal clear waters and blue flags, but there is much more to see on the Costa Blanca. Many times we think of the Caribbean when a few kilometers away we have the most charming towns. Oh, and the name Costa Blanca is not by chance, it is because of the unique light that gives off this area of the coast.

It is difficult to choose the most beautiful villages to see on the Costa Blanca. The coast of Alicante has 244 km of coves, beaches and cliffs and runs from the northern region of the Marina Alta to the south in the Vega Baja.

But we can say that the Costa Blanca is one of the most beautiful areas of the Valencian Community. Discover it from our campsite. We are in Benidorm.

Moving on, here is the list of the best coastal towns in Alicante. We rectify, the most charming coastal towns for us, from north to south:


Denia is a port city of Iberian origin, of great importance in Roman times and now home to the people of Denia. It is the capital of the Marina Alta region. In the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, you can taste the famous Dénia red shrimp. It was formerly called Daniya and is spelled Denia (without accent) in Spanish.

Alicante town with coastline, denia
Denia, one of the most charming villages of Alicante

Among the main things to see in Denia in 1 day, we tell you that highlights its beaches, Castle, the neighborhood of Baix la Mar, its port and the Montgo massif, another of the natural parks of the Valencian Community. You can also visit the toy museum and the archaeological museum of Denia.


Javea is a jewel among the most beautiful towns to see on the Costa Blanca. It is a town with a beach and incredible coves, but it also has a historic center where we recommend you to see the Church of San Bartolomé, the Municipal Market, the Ethnological Museum or the Town Hall. It is also one of the villages near Denia, like Teulada or Moraira.

In our post of the best beaches in Alicante we included the Granadella cove in Javea. Be sure to swim in a cave in the sea, in La Cova Tallada in Jávea. The old town of Jávea is full of cobblestone streets, railings and old buildings, many of them built with the rock extracted from the Cova Tallada.

Jávea or xàbia, a town on the coast of alicante
Granadella Cove in Jávea

As an extra, while you go, drive through Teulada and Moraira to discover other charming villages. There you will find another old town for culture lovers, the Gothic Walled Teulada. And in the other village it is worth visiting the Castle of Moraira and the watchtower Cao D’Or.


Cafe del mar in benissa, a town on the coast of alicante, spain.

Benisa or Benissa in Valencian, is one of the most charming coastal towns in Alicante. This population of the Marina Alta is less known to tourists, but well known for its beaches and coves among the people of Alicante. As for monuments, we recommend you to see the Torres-Orduña palace, the Llotja, the Franciscan Fathers’ convent and the ecological promenade of Benissa.


Calpe or Calp in Valencian is a beach town on the Costa Blanca in Alicante, but it is home to the Peñon de Ifach. A large rock, like the Rock of Gibraltar, which is a natural park and can be seen from many towns on the Costa Blanca. You can hike along the Peñón de Ifach, but get more information on the official website of the natural parks of the Valencian Community. Discover at the top one of the essential places of Alicante’s nature. Not just anyone can get there!

By the way, Calpe is also part of the Marina Alta region. Here you should have a good seafood, discover the beauty of the old town and the coves of Calpe.

Calpe coast and beach in alicante
The famous natural park of Peñon de Ifach


If we talk about Altea, we say that it is“the coastal town of Alicante” par excellence. Altea is the most beautiful town on the Costa Blanca according to several online surveys. It must be because of that Mediterranean essence with cobblestone streets and blue-domed churches. We also have a post to tell you about the 10 things to see in Altea to really get to know it. Altea is another town in the region of the Marina Baixa, and as a curiosity has Moors and Christians festivals, like Alcoy or Villajoyosa, among other towns in the interior of the province.

Aerial view of the coastline of altea in alicante
Altea is one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa Blanca.


The beach of El Albir is the beach of Alfas del Pi, but it is not a sandy beach, but a pebble beach. L’Albir is in direct contact with Altea and its beaches are often confused with the beaches of Altea.

Panoramic view of albir beach
Albir Beach


The small Manhattan of the Mediterranean. The first time you see the skyscrapers of Benidorm is unforgettable. Small fishing village that in 50 years has become the tourism capital of Spain. Benidorm’ s beaches and clichés are known worldwide, but visitors are always surprised to discover the reality… Open your mind, discover natural parks, nature in a city and other 35 ideas to do in Benidorm. Ah, yes, if you want to visit the city well, you must visit one of the 4 viewpoints of Benidorm.

Coast of benidorm town in alicante

By the way, Benidorm is the first Smart Tourist Destination, not only in the Valencian Community, but in the world. For a reason it will be one of the best vacation destinations in Spain.


The island of journalists is a marine reserve that you can visit with an underwater vision boat. The island is part of the natural park of the Sierra Helada, one of the most curious natural parks, as it encompasses from the mountains to the island. You can swim in its crystal clear waters. It is worth climbing to the highest point, as on a sunny day we can see as far as San Juan, as well as the skyline of Benidorm.


Continuing, let’s move on to the coastal town of colorful houses overlooking the sea: La Vila Joiosa. There are many fishing villages, but Villajoyosa is the most traditional of all the towns in Alicante. La Vila is the birthplace of Valor chocolates, has 15km of coastline, fine sandy beaches, coves, nudist beaches, beach bars and more than 3000 years of history. We have done some research and have made our article on what to see in Villajoyosa or La Vila. It stands out for being one of the cities in Spain with the best preserved Roman remains, with a museum awarded at European level for its accessibility.

In La Vila you will not have many attractions, but restaurants with fresh fish straight from the port and beach bars as many as you want. And while you are in La Vila Joiosa, take a leap to other destinations such as El Campello or San Juan, 15 minutes by car. These are other well-known coastal municipalities, with the same climate and the typical crystalline waters. And if you escape to Alicante capital, the Castle of Santa Barbara is a must.

Costera la mar villajoyosa
Villajoyosa, one of the most charming villages of the province


Santa Pola is one of the best known coastal towns in Alicante. Home of the people of Santa Pola and Tabarca. The latter is a must, but we should also go to the old town and visit the Castillo Fortaleza and take a tour of the Salinas de Santa Pola on the outskirts . Internet is full of photos of travelers who have enjoyed this privileged destination of nature. It is very interesting to go with the family.

Salinas de santa pola, a coastal town of alicante


One of the most beautiful and picturesque villages to visit is Tabarca. Very touristic island that can be visited from many of the towns of Alicante with coast: Benidorm, Dénia, Torrevieja, Santa Pola… But it is from the latter town that the boat trip time to Tarbarca is shortest.


Guardamar del Segura and its fine sandy beaches and dunes are well worth a visit. A spectacle of nature, protected and unique. Take the family and think about a day out in the dunes, far from home and in the sun. A different kind of vacation day to take those photos for your profile, without having to travel to the Caribbean.

The municipality, however, is one of those towns with charm even though it is not one of the most beautiful on the Costa Blanca.

Dunes on the coast of the town of guardamar del segura, in alicante.
Dunes of the coastal town of Guardamar del Segura

As its name indicates, Guardamar is at the mouth of the Segura river. It is known for its dunes and beaches.


Continuing on, another of the places to see on the Costa Blanca is Torrevieja. We leave you the list of places to see here:

  1. Torre del Moro
  2. La Mata Tower
  3. Park of the Nations
  4. Coves to see in Torrevieja
    1. Cabo Cervera Cove
    2. Ferris Cove
    3. La Higuera Cove
    4. Piteras Cove
  5. Beaches to see in Torrevieja
    1. La Mata Beach
    2. Playa de los Locos
    3. Castaway Beach
  6. Natural Park of the Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja. The Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja. Discover the famous salt mines of Torrevieja.
Town of torrevieja, alicante coast



It is one of the most visited towns in the Valencian Community. Its countless museums complement its main tourist attraction, the Castell de Guadalest or Castillo de San José. An old town like you have never seen before, one of the most beautiful towns in the interior of Alicante.

Callosa D’Ensarrià – Fonts de l’Algar

Another of the most popular places to visit on the Costa Blanca. Spend a great day in Callosa d’Ensarrià, very close to Benidorm. We leave you an article about the best 8 natural pools in Alicante, including the Fuentes del Algar.


Official map of the costa blanca


Official guides made by the Patronato Costa Blanca. Download free information about all the towns near Benidorm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Average Temperatures Costa Blanca (Alicante) – 2014 and 2019

Jan Feb Sea Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Daytime Temperature 17℃ 17℃ 19℃ 21℃ 23℃ 28℃ 30℃ 30℃ 27℃ 24℃ 20℃ 18℃
Night Temperature 9℃ 9℃ 10℃ 12℃ 14℃ 20℃ 23℃ 22℃ 20℃ 18℃ 10℃ 10℃
Rainy Days 9 3 2 2 0 1 0 0 3 4 3 3

Which is the most beautiful village on the Costa Blanca?

Altea appears at number 81 in the ranking of the most beautiful villages in Spain of the 20minutos.es vote. It is the most beautiful town in Alicante, as it appears ahead of others such as Denia, Guadalest, Tabarca, Villajoyosa or Finestrat.

What is the best time to visit the Costa Blanca?

The Costa Blanca can be visited at any time of the year, but it is especially recommended in the summer months:

  • San Juan, the night of June 23rd to 24th of each year. You will enjoy all the crowded beaches, bonfires on some and people jumping the waves for luck all year round.
  • Fogueres – Bonfires in Alicante. Festivities also around June 24.
  • Moors and Christians Festivities.
    • Alcoy: from April 21 to 24 approximately.
    • Villena: from September 4 to 9.
    • Elda: last weekend of May or first weekend of June.
    • Villajoyosa: last week of July.
    • Elche: from August 7 to 11.
    • Orihuela: around July 17, about 8 days duration.
  • Recreation of the Normandy Landing at the Poniente Beach in Benidorm: end of September.

How can I get to the Costa Blanca?

You can reach the coastal area of Alicante in several ways:

  1. Alicante Airport – El Altet
  2. AVE to Alicante
  3. Ap-7 / A-7 Highway
  4. National N-332

Why is it called Costa Blanca?

The coast of Alicante is so called because of its fine white sandy beaches and its light. It is also said that in 1957 British Airways used a slogan on its connection between London and Valencia.

Which is the most visited town on the Costa Blanca?

The most visited village is Guadalest.

What is the majority foreign population in the province of Alicante?

The British are the majority foreign population and are known as ex-pats.

What islands are there in the Alicante Coast?

The islands off the coast of Alicante are Tabarca, Benidorm, Portichol (Jávea) and Descubridor Island (Jávea).

What regions make up the province of Alicante?

Map of the alicante region
map of the regions of the province of Alicante
  • Marina Alta
  • Marina Baixa
  • El Comtat
  • L’Alcoià
  • Upper Vinalopó
  • L’Alacantí
  • Middle Vinalopó
  • Lower Vinalopó
  • Vega Baja

List of Costa Blanca Natural Parks

Natural Parks of the Costa Blanca from north to south:

And with this you can start to know our coastal towns in Alicante. The interior of Alicante will offer you other things, as in Polop de la Marina, in Orihuela… Remember that you don’t have to go far to go to amazing places and you have more information at Costablanca.org. And if you liked this post….

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